Stephanie Double

Uncovering how the coronavirus affects the biology of women and men differently is teaching us new ways to fight COVID-19. Identifying how the stress of the pandemic is different for women and men is focusing mental health professionals on risk and resilience.

Join the director of Women’s Health Research at Yale, Dr. Carolyn M. Mazure, and leading immunologist Dr. Akiko Iwasaki as they discuss a major new research finding and next steps in investigating sex differences to advance the health of women and men.

Susanna Krentz '80 will moderate this discussion. Dr. Jamie Wells, chair of the Yale Alumni Health Network, will deliver opening remarks, and Jennifer Ebisemiju Madar, president of YaleWomen, will deliver closing remarks.

This webinar is brought to you in partnership with the Yale Alumni Association Shared Interest Groups, YaleWomen, Yale Alumni Health Network, and 50WomenAtYale150.

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