Yale Alumni Academy Climate Change Conversations |  Climate Migration Has Begun: What Does it Mean for Mental Health?

Yale Alumni Academy and the Yale School of the Environment have assembled a distinguished roster of expert faculty to address the leading climate change issues facing our wonderous planet. Please join us as we discuss Climate Migration Has Begun: What Does it Mean for Mental Health? with Dr. Maya Prabhu. Climate migration is already one of the key planetary challenges of the 21st century. Climate change will result in both slow and sudden-onset weather events (such as rising sea waters, droughts, and tropical storms) which will drive population displacement around the world. However, so-called climate migrants are not protected by international humanitarian and human rights law to the same degree as other categories of migrants fleeing persecution and armed conflict. Audience members will learn about the scope and complexity of climate migration and begin to understand some of the mechanisms by which climate change, migration and mental health are related. We will also begin to identify the range of mental health outcomes associated with climate migration both for migrants themselves and their receiving communities. 

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