Yale Alumni Service Corps

Join us for a pilot virtual book club conducted between Yale Alumni Service Corps (YASC) and Amandla Development with Grade 9 learners. The purpose of the pilot is to establish a structure for future book clubs (to include Grade 7 and Grade 4) using a model that incorporates lessons learned from the YASC Amandla June/July 2021 project.

Amandla Development is a South African nonprofit, founded by Yale alumnus Scott Clarke 02, based in Philippi, a “township” in Cape Town. Almost 50% of Philippi’s youth drop out of school. However, education in a township is also about safety, nutrition, healthcare, community support, and access to and availability of resources. Such a layered, complex problem demands a layered, complex response. This is where Amandla comes in, and is the focus of the work they do.

Please note that registration is now closed. If you would like to learn more, please contact Yale Alumni Service Corps

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