YASC and Puerto Rico: Making an Impact on Public/Mental Health

Join us for an insightful conversation with Cecilia Frometa, Professor at Yale School of Medicine, Rosalia Burke '92, Otolaryngologist and YASC board member, and Andrew Burgie '87, trip-producer for YASC Puerto Rico 2023 and YASC board chair, who will moderate the session. Cecilia and Rosalia will provide an overview of the public health team's projects in Puerto Rico since 2020, address impact and sustainability, and discuss plans for a potential third trip in 2024 focused on education and public health. If you are interested in education and public health, this is a great opportunity to learn more, ask questions, and get involved.

Working alongside our ground partner Instituto Nueva Escuela (INE), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving Puerto Rico students' academic and socio-emotional outcomes through the implementation of Montessori education in the public school setting, YASC organized two service trips to the communities of Residencial Luis Llorens in March 2020 and most recently in March 2023 in Cantera with a goal of improving their educational and public health activities. In 2020 YASC organized projects in athletics, construction, education, and public health, which took place at the two schools that children from the community attend: Escuela Luis Llorens Torres (pre-k through 6 grade) and Escuela Republica de Peru (7-9 grades). In March 2023, YASC organized similar projects, but expanded its offerings to include environmental and painting of mural projects, which took place at Escuela Manuel Elzaburu y Vizcarrondo, a pre-k through 8 grade, public elementary school located in the hear of the community of Cantera.

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