*This service project is closed*

CROS Gleaning is a program of CROS Ministries, in partnership with area food banks and other food distribution agencies in Palm Beach and Martin Counties. It is a food recovery strategy that allows produce that is below top market grade or unmarketable, but equally nutritious and beneficial to be harvested and distributed to the food insecure of Palm Beach and Martin Counties instead of being plowed back into the soil.  

Volunteers will be picking produce in the field.

Please note the following:
-The gleaning will be in the Boynton Beach/Delray Beach area.  The exact location will not be known until Monday, April 27.
-Volunteers must be age 5 or older; All gleaners still in elementary, middle or high school must be accompanied by a supervising adult. This includes high school students 18 years of age or older.
-All volunteers must sign the CROS Ministries liability waiver in addition to signing the YDOS paperwork.

What to Bring and Wear:
-Bring your own water, snacks, and gloves.
-It is often good to dress in layers. In the morning, it is likely to be colder and damp, wearing a long sleeve shirt and long pants is recommended. As it gets warmer, a short sleeve shirt may be better. Closed toed shoes are required. No flip flops or open toed or heel shoes are permitted.
-It is recommended that all gleaners wear hats in the field, apply sunscreen, and have bug spray handy in case insects are an issue.
-Please bring a three to five gallon pail with a handle if possible.  It is an excellent container to carry through the field. Fill it and empty it into the packing box or bin. CROS Ministries will have some on hand for you, but it would be best if we could bring our own.

-No pets please, it is not safe for them and a violation of food safety practices.

-Bathroom facilities are unavailable in most gleaning fields. It is advisable to use the bathroom prior to coming to the field.

-If the fields are too wet because of rain, the gleaning may be canceled.

Who's Coming?

Contact: Eli Giombi, '04 MBA

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