Grow Native Massachusetts is looking for volunteers for our annual plant sale. We will hold three days of in-person sales from Wednesday June 9 through Friday June 11. Each day will be divided into shopping blocks which members will register for in advance so that we can limit crowd size.

To give you a better sense of what you’d be taking on, here is an overview of the volunteer schedule:

Monday June  7 AND Tuesday June 8  (Prep Days)

Morning Shift: Unload and sort plants from delivery trucks. Note: This is a work out! To those with some extra muscle, we need you here.

Afternoon Shift: Price, label, and inventory pots. Water and prune plants.


Wednesday June 9 THRU Friday June 11  (Sale Days)

Both Morning & Afternoon Shifts: A range of jobs including managing/ directing the flow of customers, stocking/ re-stocking plant tables, assisting customers, helping with check-out, and watering plants.

Note: On Wed and Thurs, the morning shift (4 hours) will be longer than the afternoon shift (3 hours). On Friday we are able to hold sales later into the day, so both shifts will last 4 hours.


Saturday June 12  (Wrap Up)

Morning Shift Only: Assist with the breakdown and disassembly of the event set-up. Note: If (and only if)  there are a significant numbers of plants left unsold by the end of the day on Friday, we will hold additional sales on Saturday morning. We will keep volunteers who sign-up for this date abreast of our contingency planning.

We strongly recommend that volunteers who want to purchase more than a few (i.e. 2 or 3) plants also sign-up to participate in a shopping block that they are not working. It makes busy sale days much easier to manage, and we will not be equipped to do any sales during prep days.

Contact: Suzanne Korschun '92