Sorting, Evaluating and Repackaging Medical Supplies
PWH collects thousands of pounds of medical supplies every day and all of it needs to be evaluated, sorted, and repacked before it can be loaded in containers and sent to under served populations in the developing world.  Tasks can include:
•    Sorting - opening bags and boxes and sorting items into general category bins
•    Sorting - further sorting general category bins into bins of more restrictive categories
•    Counting, bagging and labeling similar items
•    Creating kits of supplies (respiratory kits, surgical kits, birthing kits, etc.)
•    Packing, sealing and labeling boxes for shipment

Children 12 years and older are welcome, with adult supervision requested for those in middle school. 

Please wear casual dress but no open toed shoes.

Plenty of free parking available by the warehouse.

Who's Coming?

Contact: Vicky Stoneman '88 MBA