Volunteers will work on clearing and lining trails, removing buck-thorn and other invasive plant species, general planting etc.

* All ages are welcome for this project, but it is requested that adults supervise younger children.
* In terms of weather, we will work in a light drizzle but not if raining hard or storming.

In 1988, neighbors joined together to save a large parcel of land from development on the north and east sides of Cedar Lake in Minneapolis. Seeking out and inviting all interested parties to participate, the group focused on a vision-to establish a nature park in the heart of the city-and adopted a set of organizational principles for Cedar Lake Park. The Park is open for all to enjoy and makes it possible to commune with nature in the City.

Who's Coming?

Contact: Diane Pike '76 MA, '78 MPhil, '81 PhD

There will be a potluck meal after the May 21st Day of Service events starting at roughly 12 noon.  Volunteers from May 14th and 21st are welcome.  The potluck will be held at the home of a YAANW board member.  All volunteers are welcome to come and to share conversation and comradery.  Please notify Rudy Hokanson to register and indicate the number in your party. He will send you directions and instructions.

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