Taimaka is a non-profit focused on tackling childhood malnutrition, supported by a recent Yale alum. Taimaka runs an incubation lab in northeastern Nigeria where we offer clinical treatment to roughly 5,000 children with acute malnutrition and incubate a portfolio of research projects to improve the efficacy and cost of treatment for the 45.4 million children who need it. In short, we save lives, then learn how to do it better.

Taimaka is a relatively young organization and as we scale, we’d love the support of Yale alumni on areas we have less expertise in, even if it’s just 1-2 hours! If you're interested in supporting us, you can sign up for any number of hours from May 13th - May 27th and we'll coordinate a time to work together! 

Here are some examples of tasks we'd love help with based on your expertise: 

Legal Advice 
(e.g., work with our CEO to build better employment policies) 

Tax Support
(e.g., work with our CEO ensure that we’re compliant with our non-profit filing requirements this year!)

(e.g., work with our CEO to think about how to better project our financial needs/what we should be thinking about as we scale)

(e.g., work with our fundraising director to red-team our strategy for scale and help brainstorm creative ideas for how we can pitch ourselves!)

Communications/Graphic Design
(e.g., work with our fundraising director to revamp some of our materials or think about how we pitch ourselves)

Think Tanks/Journalists/Writers
(e.g., help us proof some of our external materials to ensure that they read cleanly and effectively to non-Taimaka audiences)

(e.g., work with our gov’t relations lead to brainstorm how to better advocate for malnutrition as a priority at USAID and other government agencies)

(e.g., work with our fundraising director to brainstorm how to put together a better high net-worth donor strategy)

Public Health/Research
(e.g., work with our research director to help us review some literature for our research portfolio)

Business generally
(e.g., mentor our executive leadership team in thinking about how to build a stronger organization!)

Contact: Olivia Shoemaker '21

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