Yale Latino Alumni Network

It's the "billion dollar" question: As a student or alum developing oneself career-wise, what attributes are needed to succeed in financial technology? Nico Sand’s latest vision is Zanbato, a financial technology company established to make private markets more liquid and reliable. Launched in 2016, Zanbato’s ZX platform is an independent, SEC-registered Alternative Trading System that today is the leading inter-broker platform for trading venture-backed private shares. More than 100 banks and brokers are involved with ZX with total ticket values of $38 billion.

Our webinar will explore the evolution of his Zanbato vision and perspectives on Silicon Valley and the future. Nico will discuss his experience in Silicon Valley and the attributes he feels are most productive for students and younger Yale alumni, including Latinx students.

Jose Guerrero Razo '23, a student active with SUBE, the Yale Latinx Business and Leadership Student Association, will be on the panel exploring this discussion with Nico.

This webinar is presented by the Yale Latino Alumni Network in conjunction with YAA shared interest groups.

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