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The Yale Alumni Association is the organization that serves all Yale alumni.

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The Yale Alumni Association provides a channel for communication and engagement between the alumni and the university, fosters the direction of alumni organizations and programs, provides the means for examination of university policies, and maintains the stature of Yale University.

Our mission is to enhance and renew the lifelong Yale experience for all alumni, whoever they are and wherever they may be. We strive to inspire new ideas, affiliations, friendships, professional fulfillment, and acts of service, around the world.

For more, visit the What We Do page on the YAA website.

The YAA maintains two buildings on campus – Rose Alumni House at 232 York Street, and 1201 Chapel Street. Click here for more detailed information.


Membership in the Yale Alumni Association provides certain benefits and is automatic for relevant constituent groups. These groups include:  

  • Alumni who completed at least a semester in any degree granting program
  • Postdoctoral associates and fellows
  • International affiliates, as defined by Yale’s Office of International Affairs, such as World Fellows, Fox Fellows, visiting international students, graduates of Yale-NUS College, and others

Please note that the majority of YAA programs are open to all, regardless of membership status. For example, consult the Events Calendar on this site for current programmatic opportunities.

For more information on alumni community online benefits specifically, please see the online community help section Help Center page.

Note: if membership were ever expanded to additional categories in the future, we would reach out to relevant constituents with that update. We recommend that individuals keep their contact information up to date by contacting Alumni Records.

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If you are a member of our online community, you can update your information within your profile. If you are not a member of our online community, that same link has instructions for registering. You can also update your information by emailing Alumni Records.