Yale Alumni College: Past Courses

Yale Alumni College Courses By Subject:


Art & Music

Architecture, Mark Hesselgrave – Fall 2016, New York City

Art Theft and Forgery, Noah Charney – Spring 2024, Online 

Artistic Lateness and the Music of Beethoven, Scott Burnham – Fall 2018, Princeton, NJ

Bach: Composer for God and Kings, Professor Marcus Rathey – Spring 2020, New Haven

Cinema of War, Murray Biggs – Fall 2017, New Haven

Drawing Fundamentals, Lisa Hess-Hesselgrave ’85 MFA – Fall 2016, New Haven

Drawing the Human Figure, Lisa Hess-Hesselgrave ’85 MFA - Spring 2016, New Haven

Glimmerglass Festival, Francesca Zambello – Summer 2019, Cooperstown, New York

How to Read a Photograph, Professor Michael Jennings – Spring 2016, Princeton, NJ

In the Beatles' Wake, Mark Spicer – Fall 2017, New York City

J.S. Bach and His Musical World, Professor Markus Rathey – Summer 2022, Online 

Nothing Will Be as Before: Art Since 1960, Professor Kerr Houston – Winter 2022, Online

Opera in Cinema, Professor Judith Malafronte – Spring 2015, New York City

Pop Music Time Capsules: 1961-1980, Mark Spicer – Fall 2023, New Haven

Re-seeing Italian Renaissance Art, Kerr Houston – Spring 2021, Online

Sex, Blood, and Celluloid: Dracula from Page to Screen, Antonio Barrenechea – Fall 2019, Washington, D.C.

Shakespeare & Verdi: Three Masterpieces, Professor Judith MalafronteFall 2015, Rye, NY

The Art of Performance in Africa, Professor Frederick Lamp – Fall 2014, Greenwich, CT

The Artistry and Meaning of American Silver, Professor John Stuart Gordon – Spring 2014, New Haven

The Beatles and Their Legacy, Mark Spicer ’01 PhD – Fall 2015, New York City

The Music of the Viennese Classical Style: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Professor Scott Burnham – Fall 2016, Princeton, NJ

Turning Literature into Opera, Judith Malafronte – Fall 2018, New Haven

History & Philosophy

A History of Christian Architecture, Professor John Cook – Fall 2012, New York City

Afghanistan and the War on Terror, Professor Mary Habeck – Winter 2022, Online

America and the Collapse of World Order: Reflections on Past and Present., Robert Kagan – Fall 2017, Washington, D.C.

American Race Relations and the Legacy of British Colonialism, Professor Thomas Stanton — Summer 2021, Online

An Introduction to the Civil War Era, Brian Matthew Jordan ’13 PhD – Spring 2015, Washington, D.C.

Classics of Historical Thought and Literature, James Banner – Fall 2017, Washington, D.C.

Flappers, Bootleggers, Bankers, and Presidents: America During the 1920s and 30s, Professor Peter Conolly-Smith — Summer 2021, Online

"Give me your Tired, Your Huddled Masses": Immigration and Ethnicity in American History, Peter Connolly-Smith – Fall 2019, New York

Ideas and Inspirations from the 1900s Viennese Coffeehouse, Anna Souchuk – Fall 2018, Chicago, IL

Major Figures in the Founding of the United States, James M. Banner Jr. – Fall 2019, Washington, D.C.

Pirates: Fact, Fiction and History, Professor Mark Hanna – Fall 2016, San Diego, CA

Reconstruction and the Legacy of the Civil War, Brian Matthew Jordan ’13 PhD – Fall 2014, Washington, D.C.

Russian History and Literature, Robert Miller – Fall 2017, Atlanta, GA

Russia Resurgent, Mary Habeck – Fall 2018, Washington, D.C.

Seedtime of the Republic: The New Nation Takes Shape, 1754-1789, James Banner – Fall 2018, Washington, D.C.

The Age of Einstein, Professor Frank Firk – Fall 2012, New Haven

The American West, John Mack Faragher – Spring 2017, New Haven

The Founding of the American Republic, 1787-1815: Major Issues, Major Controversies, Professor James M. Banner Jr. – Fall 2016, Washington, D.C.

The Indian Ocean Trade Between the Islamic World and China, 800-1500, when Asia Dominated the Sea, Valerie Hansen – Spring 2024, New York

Those Fabulous Fifties: Society, Politics and Culture in Postwar America, Peter Conolly-Smith – Summer 2023, Online

Understanding Russia and Ukraine, Professor Mary Habeck – Spring 2022, Online

Vikings at Home and Away, Professor Anders Winroth – Fall 2013, New Haven

Wars in the Head: Vietnam, Afghanistan, and How Analogies Affect Strategy and Policy, Professor Mary Habeck – Fall 2021, Online

Watershed Elections in Political History, Professor Peter Conolly-Smith – Fall 2020, Online

What is History?, James M. Banner, Jr. – Winter 2024, Online

Literature, Poetry, and Drama

A History of the English Language, Professor Fred Robinson – Spring 2013, New York City

Accidental Philosophy: Montaigne’s Essays, Professor Chris Kelly – Summer 2021, Online 

American Visionary Literature and Music: Dickinson to Dylan, Dr. Benjamin Barasch – Fall 2019, New Haven

Boccaccio's Decameron, Professor Alison Cornish – Fall 2021, Online

Contemporary Theater: The Drama of Modern Life, Professor Reuven Russell Fall 2020, Online

Crime and Punishment and the Petersburg Myth, Ilya Kliger – Spring 2021, Online

Cultures and Controversies in Contemporary Broadway, Professor Nathaniel Lew - Fall 2022, Online

Dante's Inferno Part 1of 2, Traugott Lawler – Fall 2017, New Haven

Dickens: Three Novels, Professor Traugott Lawler – Spring 2015, New Haven

Doomed Loves, Professor Annabel Patterson – Spring 2013, New Haven

Emerson’s Circle: Transcendentalism in America, Paul Kane – Spring 2017, New York City

Emily Dickinson: 150 Poems, Traugott Lawler – Fall 2016, New Haven

Fiction, the Monstrous, and the Limits of the Human, Gordon Turnbull ’86 PhD – Fall 2015, New York City

Goethe's Faust, Professor Jeffery Sammons – Fall 2014, New York City

Great Expectations, Professor Priscilla Gilman – Winter 2022, Online

Great Plays, Timeless Ideas, Professor Reuven Russell — Summer 2021, Online

Great Russian Short Stories, Professor Michael Holquist – Fall 2013, New York City

Hearing Voices: Modern Poets in Disguise, Paul Kane ’90 PhD – Spring 2016, New York City

Innocence and Experience in British Romanticism, Priscilla Gillman – Spring 2017, New York City

Jane Austen: Four Novels, Professor Traugott Lawler – Fall 2014, New Haven

Jane Eyre and Rebecca, Priscilla Gilman – Summer 2019, New York

Jane Eyre and Great Expectations, Priscilla Gilman – Fall 2017, New York City

Kingship and Revolution in the Age of Shakespeare, Abraham Stoll – Fall 2017, San Diego, CA

Literature of Evil, Professor Yu-jin Chang – Fall 2021, Online

Middlemarch, Professor Priscilla Gilman – Summer 2021, Online

Milton’s Paradise Lost, Professor Annabel Patterson – Fall 2012, New Haven

Modern British Drama, Professor Murray Biggs – Spring 2022, Online

Paradise Lost, Priscilla Gilman – Fall 2017, New York City

Poetry for a Time of Pandemic, Priscilla Gilman – Summer 2020, Online

Wuthering Heights and Tess, Priscilla Gilman – Fall 2019, New York

Reading Australia, Paul Kane – Fall 2017, New York City

Robert Frost's Poetry, Traugott Lawler – Spring 2022, New Haven

Roots of Modern Literary Criticism 1915-2015, Professor Michael Holquist – Spring 2015, New York City

Shakespeare on Love, Leonard Barkan – Fall 2017, Princeton, NJ

The Art of The Short Story, Professor Walter Reed – Spring 2017, Atlanta, GA

The Campus Novel, Gordon Turnbull – Winter 2024, New York, NY

The Canterbury Tales:  General Prologue and Five Tales, Professor Traugott Lawler – Fall 2012, New Haven

The European Literary Tradition: Comic Drama, Gordon Turnbull ’86 PhD – Spring 2015, New York City

The European Literary Tradition: Tragic Drama, Gordon Turnbull ’86 PhD – Fall 2014, New York City

The Groups: Women and Society in Austen, Wharton, and McCarthy, Professor Jeff Nunokawa – Spring 2020, New Jersey

The Nature of Narrative, Professor Michael Holquist – Fall 2014, New York City

The Poetry of Yeats, Professor Traugott Lawler – Spring 2013, New Haven

To Hell With Dante, Professor Alison Cornish – Spring 2022, Online

Ulysses, Professor Traugott Lawler – Spring 2014, New Haven

Understanding Today's Ecological Issues: Landscape, Literature and Ecology, Paul Kane – Fall 2018, New York City

Vanity Fair and Middlemarch: Two Nineteenth-Century Blockbusters, Professor Traugott LawlerFall 2015, New Haven

Walt Whitman Poet of Democracy, Professor Alan Trachtenberg – Fall 2012, New York City

What Is a Classic? Professor Michael Holquist – Spring 2016, New York City

Wordplay, Professor Joshua Katz – Fall 2015, Princeton, NJ

Yeats, Nationalism and the Masks of Revolution, James Flannery – Fall 2019, Atlanta, GA

Personal Development / Cultural Exploration / Diversity and Inclusion

A Life Worth Living, Professor Matthew Croasmun – Spring 2017, New Haven

American Race Relations and the Legacy of British Colonialism, Tom Stanton – Spring 2021, Virtual

An Introduction to the Psychology of C.G. Jung and its Relevance to the Second Half of Life, Kendrick Norris ’77 MDiv – Spring 2016, Rye, NY

And In the Beginning: Creation Myths and Their Meanings, Hugh Flick – Fall 2018, New Haven

Cases from Clausewitz, Bruce Gudmundsson – Fall 2018, Washington D.C.

Facing the Challenge of a New Age: Understanding and Confronting Prejudice and Discrimination, Howard Burgwell – Fall 2017, New Haven

How to Use Your Mind to Enhance Your Health, Wendy Hurwitz – Spring 2017, Rye, NY

In the Beginning... Cosmogonic Myths and the Meaning of Life, Hugh Flick – Spring 2022, Online

Life's Big Questions, Rabii James Ponet – Fall 2019, New Haven

Nonprofit Governance and Leadership, Professor Seth Green – Spring 2020, Chicago

Overcoming the Social Divide: Learning from the History of American Race Relations, Professor Thomas Stanton – Fall 2021, Online

Playing God in the Climate Arena, Professor Wake Smith - Fall 2022, Online

The Mystery of Sleep, Professor Meir Kryger – Spring 2014, New York City

The Science and Art of Parenting (and Grandparenting), Professor Ken Barish – Fall 2020, Online

Wonders of the Universe, Where Astronomy and Faith Meet, Graziella di Tullio Zinn – Fall 2023, Online

Science & Society

America’s Misunderstood Welfare State: Myth, Reality, and Social Insurance, Professor Ted Marmor – Spring 2014, New York City

Animal Ethics, Stephen Latham – Fall 2016, New Haven

Cities and Social Change, Esther da Costa Meyer – Spring 2017, Princeton, NJ

Climate Change and the Energy Revolution, Professor Paul Sullivan – Winter 2022, Online

Philosophical Arguments in Bioethics, Professor Stephen Latham – Fall 2014, New Haven

Privacy, Health, and Power in the Age of Digital Over-Consumption, Professor Lydia Martin – Spring 2020, New York

Regulating Life: The Law of Bioethics from Before the Cradle to After the Grave, Professor Stephen Latham – Spring 2014, New Haven

Strategic Aspects of The World Economy, Professor Paul Sullivan – Winter 2023, Virtual

The Health Care Crisis: How it Rose, and what is to be Done, Professor Ted Marmor and Professor John Hughes – Spring 2013, New York City

Urban Challenges for a Changing Planet, Esther de Costa Meyer – Fall 2019, New Jersey

Politics, Law, & Social Justice

A Global Tour of Economics, Politics, Culture and International Relations (Part 1), Paul Sullivan – Fall 2017, Washington, D.C.

America and the World: the World and America, Kieke Okma – Spring 2015, New York City

Boundaries, Borders, and Biases: The Law of Citizenship and Race, Kathleen Cleaver – Fall 2018, Atlanta, GA

Current Constitutional Controversies in the Courts, Professor Keith Whittington – Spring 2015, Princeton, NJ

Economics, Politics and the Arab World, Professor Paul Sullivan – Fall 2016, Washington, D.C.

Is There A Crisis in Higher Education?, Professor Michael Holquist – Fall 2012, New York City

Looking Inside the Black Box: How the NSC Makes Foreign Policy, Mary Habeck – Fall 2018, Washington, D.C.

Polarized America, Professor Mary Habeck – Summer 2022, Virtual

Rousseau and the Paradoxes of Politics, Chris Kelly – Spring 2021, Virtual

Telling Right from Wrong: Modern Ethical Theories, Professor Stephen Latham – Fall 2015, New Haven

The Great Power Competition, Professor Mary Habeck – Winter 2023, Online 

The Meaning of Higher Education, Professor Justin Zaremby – Summer 2020, Online

To Stand By Things Decided, Les Fagen and Mitchell Nobel – Fall 2018, New York City

Vietnam: How the War in Vietnam is Affecting America Today, Mary Habeck – Spring 2024, Online