Kristen LangI came to law school with a purpose, clearly stated in my personal statement and strongly felt in every fiber of my being. I wanted to advocate on behalf of at-risk youth to ensure they had the voice and necessary services to lead a successful and happy life. As a teacher in the South Bronx, I had seen injustice through the eyes of a child: removed from his home, moved out of his community, placed with a caregiver who did not speak his language, prevented from seeing his new baby brother, and completely failed by the system meant to ensure his well-being. It was his story and those of so many other students that led me to apply to YLS.

That passion remained at the fore of my work in law school. I spent two and a half years in the Education Adequacy Clinic, was a member of the Project for Law and Education at Yale, researched issues like the school-to-prison pipeline, and wrote on Head Start and Race to the Top. The diversity and flexibility of YLS afforded me so many incredible opportunities to gain experience and knowledge in the areas I loved.

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