London, Switzerland, and Dublin recently played host to a series of exceptional events, bringing together Yale alumni from across the globe for a remarkable celebration of international connections. The BOLD and Beyond: Abroad event series provided a platform for alumni to reconnect, forge new bonds, and revel in the shared experiences of their time at Yale. 

Yalies in Switzerland
The Yale community in Switzerland gathers outdoors.

Kicking off the international journey, alumni convened amidst the breathtaking beauty of Geneva, Switzerland. Nestled within the Geneva Conservatory and Botanical Garden, they gathered for light bites and camaraderie. An afternoon stroll through the lush gardens provided the perfect opportunity for alumni to reconnect and reminisce about their cherished memories of Yale.

Zurich, Switzerland, known for its vibrant energy, played host to the next stop on this international journey. Alumni living in the area gathered at the iconic Widder Hotel Bar, immersing themselves in lively conversations to forge new connections. Against the backdrop of Zurich's captivating ambiance, alumni engaged in heartfelt discussions, strengthening their bonds within the global Yale community.

For Humanity Illuminated London
The speakers of For Humanity Illuminated in London, England.

Next, London, England set the stage for the latest For Humanity Illuminated event, Collections and Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age: Preserving the Past to Transform the Future. Held at the dazzling Savoy Hotel, this gathering showcased the remarkable work being done at Yale and beyond to safeguard the world's cultural treasures while promoting accessibility and inclusivity. Esteemed speakers, including distinguished Yale alumni and faculty members, delved into the intersection of technology, conservation, and the democratization of collections management.

Alex Swanson ’18 attended the event hoping to see familiar faces. He was impressed by the event's focus on preservation and management of collections. "I was an art history major at Yale and I worked a lot with the collections," he said. "The theme of the evening spoke volumes."

“We're just excited here in London to be one of the host cities,” said Yale Club of London president Joe Vittoria ’85. As nearly 400 members of the Yale community gathered for the event, Vittoria welcomed them to the city with open arms. “Anybody that knows London, knows that it is a multitude of cities in one. Being a part of the Yale Club of London means you can enjoy the diversity of this city while also forming a community.”

Yalies in Ireland
Yalies share memories and make connections in Ireland.

The final stop on this BOLD & Beyond tour was Dublin, Ireland. The charm of the city beckoned alumni as they gathered first at Farrier and Draper Bar for afternoon libations and animated conversations. The following morning, alumni convened on the Trinity College Dublin campus to tour the Book of Kells for a blend of intellectual curiosity and enjoyment.

“The community pulls together,” said Ciaran Buckley '92, president of the Yale Club of Ireland. “People have been really responsive.”

Reflecting on the series of Bold and Beyond: Abroad events, Mindy A. Marks ’00, YAA senior director for regional clubs, shared, “These events exemplified the power of international connections, which is a major tentpole among the YAA’s priorities. It was incredible to witness the global reach of the Yale community and facilitate engagement amongst alumni from different corners of the world.”

As Yale alumni continue to make their mark on the world, events like these provide a platform for reconnection, inspiration, and collaboration. As Yalies continue to gather around the world, the alumni community remains united in inspiring one another to shape a brighter future together.

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