As Commencement approaches and the excitement of Yale College Reunions fills the air, it's the perfect time to show off your Yale spirit. Whether you're a proud new graduate, a dedicated alum, or simply a fan of all things Yale, the products below are designed to bring a touch of bulldog pride to your everyday moments. From your morning coffee to hosting gatherings with friends, these curated items will make you feel connected to the rich traditions and memories that define our Yale community.


Yale Bulldog Mug

Yale Bulldog MugStart your day with the Yale Bulldog “snout mug.” This is the newest addition to this year’s Yale Collection assortment. It is made of ceramic and can hold 15 ounces of your favorite drink.

$18, via The Yale Collection

Ultra Plush Blanket

Ultra Plush BlanketPerfect for cozy nights, lazy weekends, or cheering on the team, this soft and stylish blanket will keep you warm while showcasing your enduring love for Yale. Produced on demand, this ultra plush blanket features the Yale logo. It measures 50" x 60" and is 100% cozy polyester fleece.

$34.99 via Yale Bulldog Blue

Yale Icon Tray

Yale Icon TrayThe 14” Yale Icon Tray depicts 15 icons from around the University including The Yale Bowl, Harkness and Trumbull Gates, and of course Handsome Dan. Made of “ThermoSaf” plastic, this tray is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Manufactured in the USA by Dishique.

$49.50 via The Yale Collection

Icon Bar Towel

Icon TowlAdd a touch of Yale to your kitchen with the new Icon Bar Towel. A perfect match to Icon Tray, the towel measures 20” X 26.5,” is made of 100% cotton, and is decorated in Illinois by Dishique.

$22 via The Yale Collection

Custom Alumni T-Shirts

Custom t-shirtThese custom year alumni t-shirts are the perfect way to commemorate your Yale experience. Choose your graduation year or a special milestone and wear it proudly as a symbol of your enduring connection to Yale. Available in navy, white, or sport grey. 

$24.99 via Yale Bulldog Blue

Etched Glass Mug

Glass MugRaise a glass in bulldog fashion with this etched mug. The glass mug features the famous Yale Crest engraved on one side. It is manufactured and decorated in the USA by Rolf Glassware and holds 17.5 oz. of your favorite beverage.

$20 via The Yale Collection

Handsome Dan Mascot Plush

Handsome Dan PlushBring home your very own Handsome Dan! This 10" mascot plush is the perfect toy for any fan. An officially-licensed Bleacher Creature, the plush figures can stand on its own.

$24.99 via Yale Bulldog Blue

Icon Stone Coaster Set

Yale CoastersEnjoy Yale's most iconic scenes with this four-piece stone coaster set. Depicting sights like a stained glass window from Battell Chapel and a stone carving of the Yale Shield, these coasters are sure to leave an impression on your friends and family — and not your coffee table. 

$48 via The Yale Collection

Custom Alumni Hooded Sweatshirt

Custom HoodieWhether you're a recent grad or a seasoned alumnus, these custom year alumni hoodies are the perfect way to commemorate your Yale experience. These hooded sweatshirts are produced on demand and are available in sport grey or navy. 

$49.99 via Yale Bulldog Blue