Dana Loberg is an accomplished tech entrepreneur and history major who graduated from Yale University in 2003. she draws inspiration from the vibrant art of the tech community as well as her family. As her three children grow, she has developed a keen interest in healing. A Reiki Master and tech alum from Stanford StartX, 500 Startups, Betaworks, and other accelerators, she seamlessly transitioned from an artist to a tech entrepreneur.

As a mother of three, Dana infuses her love for storytelling into enchanting and spiritual children's books. These books serve as a source of inspiration, teaching, fun, and enlightenment, drawing inspiration and creating a fusion of her academic background and her deep appreciation for sacred Anatolian culture, as her road crossed with her Turkish husband. From ancient knowledge, educational upbringing, the wisdom of Anatolia, and a deep-rooted passion for creating a better future, Dana combines the realms of art, history, and technology to empower children with the wisdom of the past and the tools of the present.

Below she shares how Yale gave her the confidence to not fear failure, her love of Sterling Memorial and the Lillian Goldman Law Library, and how Yale became family. 

Why Yale? 
I was really into the arts like drawing and painting and loved the campus. I was also playing volleyball and enjoyed visiting with the team, players, and students of Yale during my visit. It was so different from where I grew up in Los Angeles, California.

What is your most enduring memory of your time at Yale? 
I have many fond memories of Yale. One of the most enduring was finalizing my history paper with over 50 pages of writing about the impact of technology on religion. I found the topic fascinating and a challenge to incorporate two primary and two secondary resources into the research paper. I remember the whole process of coming up with the idea, doing the research, and writing it in a way that others could learn and understand it.

What is the biggest lesson you learned during your time at Yale and how does that shape who you are today?
I learned that if you have the right tools, you can do anything in this world. Yale gave me the confidence to do any job I aspired to do or become. I've had so many different jobs and have no fear of failure. I think Yale shaped me to become that person. 

How did your time at Yale shape your identity?
Yale was instrumental in shaping who I am today. I learned so much from the diverse peers I was surrounded by and learned about their families and ways of living. I think going to a school with people from all over the world, you get a bigger sense of the size of the world as well as our interconnectedness to one another. 

What does belonging mean to you and how did you find a sense of belonging at Yale and after?
Belonging can come in many forms. I look at it as a fate plan. I was fated to come to Yale and learn from the best professors and students from all over the world. Yale became a family to me since it was so far from home.  

How have you stayed engaged with the Yale community since graduating?
I've attended all the Yale reunions, read the alumni magazine, and keep in touch with all my classmates whom I have a relationship with. They have and will always be my friends forever. 

What advice do you wish you heard during your time at Yale?
I always got advice to be curious and explore. I got a lot out of Yale and all it offered so I don't have any regrets.

What were your favorite spaces at Yale or in New Haven? Why?
I love the Law Library as well as Sterling Memorial Library. The courtyards are beautiful and studying inside them was magical. They don't build libraries like they used to ;)

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