Sarah Owens, CNM, MPH received her midwifery education and Masters in Nursing at Yale School of Nursing. Before entering midwifery, Sarah earned her Master of Public Health degree at Boston University and served as a Public Health Analyst with the Health Resources and Services Administration in Washington, D.C. In her clinical practice and professional activities, Sarah has been rooted in advancing midwifery in Georgia as one of the keys to advancing the well-being of Georgia families. At the Georgia Department of Public Health, she currently serves as an abstractor for Georgia's Maternal Mortality Review Committee (MMRC) and Program Coordinator of the Georgia Maternal Health ECHO initiative to implement MMRC recommendations for clinical and community education to address maternal morbidity and mortality.

She recently took the time to share her favorite study spots around campus, perks of living in New Haven, and gratitude for her fellow classmates. 

Why Yale?
I applied to the Yale School of Nursing Midwifery program due to its strong research and community orientation. The YSN Midwifery program creates scholars and clinicians that see the whole person. Respect for an individual or family's community is also a core value.

What is your most enduring memory of your time at Yale? 
I could get anywhere I wanted by bike or by foot which made finding unique study spaces easy and I was able to forest/tree bathe on the way. Living in New Haven was a unique experience and finding spaces at Yale to study and reflect were really wonderful. I rotated between the Divinity School, Law School, Graduate Hall, and Blue State Coffee often.

If you could relive your time at Yale, what would you do differently?
I would have liked to visit the British Art Museum more often!

What would you do exactly the same? 
The friends I made in the GEPN program have been some of the most amazing people in my life. I am so grateful for everyone that survived with me!

What is your favorite place in New Haven, past or present? 
Walks up St. Ronan street to enjoy the houses, Nica's Market, and Ashley's Ice Cream.

What is your favorite spot on campus?
The cubicles in the law library. I enjoyed watching the snow fall outside the windows while trying to study there.

What's your favorite pizza place in New Haven?
BAR. Grad students loved BAR...

Who is another Yalie who inspires you? Why?
Meredith Goff was one of my midwifery professors. She is not a Yale alum, but she is who personified the YSN clinician we hoped to be and who encouraged us to dig deeper to provide the best care. Amy Romano '04 MSN, '15 MBA is a phenomenal person focused on improving maternity care in our country. I owe her so much in my own career. I am also grateful for my entire 2010 cohort. They have led others while supporting families, improving systems, and saving lives. No words are enough to describe them.

What have you gained from your alumni engagement with Yale?
Participating in the Yale Alumni Facebook page has really opened up my world. There are so many beautiful intersections among alumni that solve problems and increase joy.

How did your time at Yale shape the person you are today?
I never imagined that I could get into a program at Yale. But as the years have gone by, I have realized I AM worthy to stand with some remarkable people. Each of these people has a light they carry into the world and they make it a better place.

What is your hope for the future of the Yale alumni community?
Stay engaged! Connect! We can help each other do the things most important to us. Our value is not our degree, it is the community we create.

What advice would you give to current students?
If you hit a wall, walk over to Nica's and get a sandwich. Seriously life-changing. This change of scenery strategy will benefit you now and for the rest of your life. And when in doubt, ask the person next to you how they are doing. Because I guarantee life is not hard because you messed something up, work/life/academics are just HARD sometimes. You are worth every investment/ounce of energy spent in those hard days. Shine on.

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