Meet Erica Tavera ’15, a television writer from Los Angeles, CA. In this Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month Alumni Identity Spotlight, Erica shares how building early connections with her regional Yale community prepared her for her time in New Haven and discusses her hope for fostering stronger bonds between alumni and graduating students.

This feature is part of a series focused on amplifying the voices of alumni who are making an impact today and illuminating how the identities we bring to Yale transform both our community and the world. 

What is your most enduring memory of your time at Yale?

My most enduring memories from Yale are DJing my radio show from the WYBC building. I was the programming director my senior year and I loved every moment of it.

How has your identity shaped your Yale experience?

Being a Japanese Chicana from LA has largely shaped my Yale experience in terms of the importance I place upon mentorship. My dad was a student during the first generation of Latinos at Yale, so I had the privilege of growing up surrounded by strong POC role models. The power of that visibility is something that resonates profoundly with me, and I hope to continue that legacy of mentorship in providing the next generation with a sense of encouragement and belonging.

What is your hope for the future of the Yale alumni community?

I hope that the future Yale alumni community can continue to celebrate diversity and provide a strong support network of active mentorship for undergraduates and recent alumni.

What advice would you give to fellow or future Yalies? 

I always advise future or incoming Yalies to take risks and keep an open mind! You never know when one incredible class or mentor can change the trajectory of your studies, so make sure to stay receptive and take advantage of all the resources that are available to you!

Erica Tavera is a television writer from Los Angeles, CA. She graduated from Yale in 2015, with a double major in History and Film and Media Studies.

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