Frank playing soccor
Maria's brother Frank (left) on the sidelines of a Harvard soccer game.

I am Yale ’86 and my brother, Frank, graduated from Harvard in ’83. We had one year of overlap, in which I went from New Haven on the day of The Game to see him play his last Harvard varsity soccer game as a senior.

These days, we live on different continents — he is in Asia and I am in North America in the Hudson Valley. Since I don’t see him very often, the Harvard-Yale Game is a good time to check-in.

Neither of us are huge football fans, so we usually just joke via email about who won or lost. We talk about the sign I saw in the stands that said “Beat Hravard.” If the Crimson loses, he says it’s because Harvard students have more important academic concerns.

Maria's Yale Co-op card from her time as a student
Maria's Yale Co-op card from her time as a student

It's not a big rivalry, just something to talk about, an excuse to check in and have a little laugh. Without The Game, we would probably find other ways to keep in touch.

I’m just glad to have this one that has, over the years, become second nature.