Last month, spirited groups of Yale alumni from around the world organized watch parties to cheer the Bulldogs to victory. Whether convening in their local communities or with fellow Yalies who shared common interests or identities, alumni were united by the timeless tradition of The Game. The YAA provided Boola Boxes overflowing with exclusive Yale swag to the first 30 watch party registrants. Join us as we take a closer look at the delightful experiences of two watch parties, capturing the essence of the festivities, fun, and camaraderie that marked the day.

Yale Club of South Florida

"On November 18, the Yale Club of South Florida, Harvard Club of Broward County and Frank Pepe Pizzeria teamed up to host a Yale-Harvard watch party. Over 100 Yale and Harvard alums descended on Pepe’s South Florida location to watch Yale beat Harvard and partake in an all-you-can-eat Frank Pepe extravaganza. 

Frank Pepe went out of their way to make South Florida feel like New Haven by projecting the game and churning out a huge selection of coal-fired pies. One of the highlights, especially for the younger fans present, was the ability to visit the kitchen and make their very own Frank Pepe pie. 

Huge thank you to Frank Pepe and the Harvard Club for being great partners. And thank you to Team 150 for making a bunch of Yalies in South Florida proud."

— Tyler Godoff ’16 MBA

Yale Club of London

"The Yale Club of London hosted the Game telecast in London this year, marking over 30 years that this event has been hosted consecutively — even when we lost. In the early days we used to rely on FedEx and VHS tapes. In those days the event was less than ten people huddled around a small TV in the corner of local pub, pretending that none of us already knew the score four days after the event!

The event has grown over time. With streaming, it became a live event over 15 years ago, attended regularly by over 100 people wearing either Blue or Crimson. Much like tailgates before the Game, it is as much a social event as a sporting one and a great opportunity for the mingling of colors. It also allows older alumni to meet the younger ones, and as usual, we are blown away by these amazing young people. Ron Richenburg '68, the first one to sign up every year for over 20 years, has an encyclopedic knowledge of every Game ever played, which is useful in keeping spirits up after the various heartbreaking losses over the years.   

The benefit of the time zone means this starts as an early evening event over here, and it’s a great way to start a Saturday night. The event has been held for 5 years at a sports bar that specializes in US college football, and the bar staff tell me they love learning about the different rivalries across America. Apparently, we are quieter than Texas A&M’s Aggies and much more polite.

The Boola Box has become a huge hit with the London alumni, and each year the contents disappear quickly. It was a great idea from YAA… keep ‘em coming! The winning college's club organizes the following year's event, and it is with great pride and anticipation that we look forward to hosting next year!  Congratulations to Team 150 — you went out champs! Boola Boola!!"

— Joe Vittoria ’85

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