Saybrook College Study Break

On Tuesday and Wednesday, alumni and staff from the Yale Alumni Association and Yale Alumni Fund went back to college – or at least to the residential colleges – providing food and fun at the first-ever sponsored Yale College Student Study Breaks.

The study breaks were designed to give students a chance to take an hour off during preparation for end-of-semester exams and the writing of final papers to get some food and take their minds off books for a bit. And for those who needed moral support, alumni from the local area were there to offer encouragement and share stories of their own late-night cramming sessions.

“These events are a way for alumni in the local area to connect with students, for students to connect with the YAA and the Yale Alumni Fund, and for everyone to take a quick break and get a quick bite,” said Jocelyn Kane, managing director of the Yale Alumni Fund.

The study breaks proved to be a hit, with hundreds of students stopping in for food ranging from sushi, waffles, and pizza to Thai food, Mexican food, and fried chicken – some staying and talking with the visiting alumni and some heading immediately back to the books.

“We had a great turnout, and the students were so enthusiastic and grateful,” said YAA Executive Director Weili Cheng ’77, who hosted the study break in Pierson College. “We thought it would be a hit – what students wouldn’t want late-night food while studying for exams? – but the success of these study breaks exceeded our expectations. It was so much fun.”

Final exams start Friday, December 13, and wrap up Wednesday, December 18, which marks the beginning of the winter recess.

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