Arctic blasts and polar vortexes have you down? The Yale alumni solution to the winter blues kicked off February 1 with the start of Feb Club Emeritus 2019, the monthlong celebration of all things Yale.

Feb Club Emeritus is an annual tradition, celebrating nothing other than the common Yale bond among alumni. As Feb Club Emeritus organizer Tim Harkness puts it, “There are no speeches, no fundraising, and no outrageous expenses. There’s just mixing, mingling, and partying.”

Feb Club Emeritus dates back to 2008, when a group of Yale alumni decided to start an annual event as a way to see each other at least once a year amid their busy schedules. It has grown every year since, with more than 110 events held in 2018 and more than 60 already on the calendar for 2019.

Events take all forms, from beach parties to bar hopping, and range to all reaches of the globe. In fact, 2018 host cities covered more than 30 states (plus Washington, D.C.) and included such international locales as Accra, Baghdad, Barcelona, Havana, Mumbai, Ottawa, Rome, and Shanghai, as well as San Juan and the Cayman Islands.

Classes from 1941 to 2018 have held events, and Feb Club Emeritus is open to and has included alumni from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the professional schools as well as Yale College.

“It’s the greatest invention since fire for driving out the cold,” said Harkness, “and we’d love for you to join us.”


Visit the Feb Club Emeritus website to find an event near you, and be sure to register your event there as well. And visit the YAA events page for other happenings in your area.

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