Dear Friends,

I am writing today with an update on the current status of 2021 reunions. The university is continuing to explore a wide variety of options, including holding reunions for 2020 and 2021 over successive and possibly overlapping weekends. We are making good progress, but the logistics of hosting 15,000 alumni, friends, and families when our plans typically involve hosting 7,500 are challenging, to say the least.

We understand and sympathize with those who would prefer greater certainty so that they may make plans and begin looking forward to what we all hope will be a fabulous weekend of rekindling old friendships and forging new bonds with Yale and with each other. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide it at this time. The only thing that is certain right now is uncertainty.

The timing of reunions depends on the university calendar, which sets the start of spring semester and in turn, the date of commencement. Given concern about COVID-19, a decision about the start of spring semester and the date of commencement will likely not be made until sometime in November or December. This means we will not be given reunion dates until then.

It is important that you understand that your class reunion chairs and class officers, working with the YAA, intend to plan your reunion whether you will eventually meet in person or get together virtually. If you’d like to get involved, please let them know.

At the same time, we ask for your patience. As they say in the world of news reporting, “this is a developing story.” You will hear from us as soon as we are able to say something definitive.

Best regards, 

Weili Cheng '77
Executive Director, Yale Alumni Association