Jeff Feldman has over 30 years of experience as a technology start-up operator and investor, a developer/operator of residential real estate, a founding member of three venture capital funds, and an active turnaround/special-situation advisor. After serving as a senior vice president at Pequot Capital Management he was instrumental in raising $100 million to form Everest Broadband Networks, and later founded Primary Succession Capital LLC, a fundless-sponsor private equity firm focused on small company distress buyouts and C-level interim operating assignments.

Feldman received his BS in Organic Chemistry from the University of Connecticut and a PhD in Polymer Science from that university’s Institute of Materials Science, where he focused on applied particle physics for neutron dosimeters and novel semi-interpenetrating networks for biomedical applications. After earning his PhD he completed postdoctoral study at Montedison SpA’s research center in Novara, Italy. For his MBA at the Yale School of Management he concentrated on Operations Science and Finance.

Feldman has long been active with Students and Alumni of Yale (STAY), and is active as a mentor to current Yale undergraduate, graduate and professional students. He has served on the boards of the Yale School of Management Alumni Association and the Yale Alumni Fund, has been a member of the Yale-Jefferson Award nominating committee, and continues as an SOM Class Agent. He is now in his third year on the YAA Board of Governors.

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