Jerry Henry is Managing Partner for Faith-based & Human Services at Alexander Haas, based in Atlanta, a leading consulting firm for non-profit organizations in the United States. In this position, he provides strategic counsel to educational institutions, human service groups, cultural institutions and faith-based organizations.

As a Yale volunteer, Henry has served Yale Divinity School as a class secretary and class agent for the past 40 years. He is a past chair of the YDS Alumni Board, and currently serves on the Dean's Advisory Council. He has volunteered with the Yale Alumni Schools Committee as an interviewer for Yale College applicants in the Atlanta area and currently in South Carolina where he resides. He serves on the Yale Alumni Fund Board of Directors and on the Yale Alumni Magazine board.

During his tenure on the YAA Board of Governors, Henry has chaired the Yale Alumni Fellow Nominations Committee, the Yale Medal Nominations Committee and the Graduate & Professional Schools Committee. He is actively involved in mentoring current Yale students and alumni through the various programs of Careers Life & Yale.

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