Rahul Prasad is a senior physicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where he leads a research group at the National Ignition Facility. In the years after he received his PhD in engineering and applied science at Yale, he served on the research faculty at Yale, worked as a research scientist at Physics International and later Science Research Lab, and in 1994 co-founded a small business, Alameda Applied Sciences Corporation.

In his volunteer capacity at Yale, Prasad served as a member, secretary, treasurer, vice-chair (2002-10) and chair (2010-12) of the Graduate School Alumni Association, where he helped create the “Where Do I Go from Yale?” annual GSAS Career event. While a member of the YAA Board of Governors, he created two career workshops — Green Careers for Yale Blues, and Healthy Career Choices — to bring alumni back to campus to provide students career and life-skills advice. He co-founded the YAA's Careers Life and Yale (CLY) program in 2015 while an executive officer of the YAA Board of Governors.

A long-standing member of the Yale Club of San Francisco board of directors, Prasad currently serves as its president. He was chair of the Association of Yale Alumni Board of Governors — the first alum of the Yale Graduate School to hold that post — from July 2016 to June 2018.

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