Stephanie Grilli is an independent art historian. Earning her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh, she was the first in her extended family to attend college. She received her masters and PhD in art history from Yale, and for the latter she spent three years in London doing dissertation research on the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. At the time of completion of her doctorate, she represented Yale at the annual Frick Symposia on the History of Art in New York City.

Grilli taught art history and interdisciplinary studies at Bucknell University, the University of Texas/Dallas, and the University of Colorado. In recent years, she served on the Leadership Council of the Center for Visual Art, Metropolitan State University of Denver, where she facilitated a conversation series for members of the art community. Having left academe, she now writes about art for a general audience with artists as her primary clients, whom she also coaches in developing their statements, and she also has curated contemporary art exhibitions.

After a brief stint as secretary/communications manager for the Colorado Yale Association, Grilli became acting president and then president of the club. During her tenure, the state has experienced an influx of new residents, and she has steered the club through many changes while maintaining continuity for long-time members. She has served as ex-officio delegate to Alumni Assembly. In 2019, she received a YAA Volunteer Leadership & Innovation award.

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