Agrawal spent a full decade as a Yale student, first earning his B.S. degree as an undergraduate resident of Ezra Stiles, then his M.S. in Molecular Biophysics on Science Hill, and finally his M.D. degree at the School of Medicine. Since his final Yale Commencement ceremony 20 years ago he has focused his career on healthcare.

Following his years as a researcher and practicing physician, Agrawal broadened his perspectives through work at McKinsey, the Carlyle Group, and business-unit leadership roles in healthcare technology organizations. He is now Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer at Humana, which gives him an opportunity to shape a better health-payment and care-delivery system at scale throughout the United States.

Agrawal has become passionate about connecting alumni in industry back with Yale. He is co-founder of Friends of Yale From Industry (FYI), a group that strives to create bridges between Yale and its alumni in the public, private and social sectors. He hopes to find avenues through which Yale's faculty, students and alumni outside academia can do more in partnership on collective priorities than would otherwise be possible.

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