Redpath Speakers

The YAA-Redpath Speakers Program sends current Yale faculty and administrators to speak to alumni at club luncheons, receptions, annual dinners, and other special events. We will work with you to identify the right speaker to meet your group’s needs. Please use the filter below to explore speakers, departments, and topic areas.

Speaker Department
Bruce Ackerman
Topic: Civil liberty in an age of terrorism
Abbas Amanat
Topic: Middle East culture; modern Iran
Akhil Amar
Topic: U.S. presidency; the Constitution
Paul T. Anastas
Topic: Green chemistry, green engineering
Thomas Appelquist
Topic: Theoretical physics at Yale
Carol Armstrong
Topic: History of art criticism and photography; the representation of women in visual culture
Amy F. Arnsten
Topic: Role of prefrontal networks in allowing coherent thought
Harold W. Attridge
Topic: The Bible; Yale Divinity School
Ian Ayres
Topic: Economic incentives; using everyday ingenuity to solve problems
Daylian Cain
Topic: Behavioral business ethics; conflicts of interest; altruism
Jill Campbell
Topic: 18th-century British literature; teaching reading and writing
Michael Cappello
Topic: Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Hazel V. Carby
Topic: African-American studies at Yale; race, gender & sexuality
John Carlson
Topic: Malaria, mosquitoes and the sense of smell
Johnnie Carson
Topic: Contemporary African issues
Stephen L. Carter
Topic: Law and religion; the ethics of war; law and politics