YIA Conference on Global Citizenship — Global Voices

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the Yale International Alliance Conference on Global Citizenship scheduled for March 13-14, 2020, in Rome, Italy, due to complications with the spread of the coronavirus.

We do not take this decision lightly as so many people have worked diligently to make the conference a success. However, current and projected Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization warnings dictate that we cancel the conference in the best interest of our speakers and attendees.

Global Reach: May Akl, Yale World Fellow ’10

May Akl, Yale World Fellow ’10 from Lebanon believes small actions in local communities resonate globally.

Start Locally: Kamilla Arku ’05

Kamilla Arku ’05 hopes to make a positive impact in the local community through relationships built along the way.

Ambassador for Change: James Ford ’11

James Ford ’11 from London suggests that being a global citizen means being a positive ambassador for leadership. 

Embracing Differences: Anant Jani ’08 MS, ’09 PhD

Anant Jani ’08 MS, ’09 PhD, currently living in the United Kingdom, believes embracing differences can help break down divides.

History We've Inherited: Michael Morand ’87, ’93 MDiv

Michael Morand ’87, ’93 MDiv from New Haven, Connecticut reminds us that while globalism is not new, it is our responsibility to act wisely knowing the history we have inherited.

Leading by Connecting: Maria Polo ’13 MBA

Maria Polo ’13 MBA from Barcelona says the key to global leadership is pushing boundaries while connecting at a human level.

A Necessary Focus: Teigist Taye ’22

Teigist Taye ’22 from Kenya and Ethiopia knows that being a global citizen is necessary in today's world. 

Catalyst for Change: Kristina Tremonti ’11

Kristina Tremonti ’11 from Athens, Greece understands the power of listening to others while being a catalyst for change.

YIA Conference on Global Citizenship

Join Yale’s global community of scholars, alumni, and international leaders for the inaugural Yale International Alliance Conference on Global Citizenship to explore how global citizenship impacts our lives and shapes our leadership.

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