Yale Medal Nomination Form

The Yale Alumni Association seeks nominations for the Yale Medal, which is the highest honor awarded for outstanding, transforming and inspiring individual service to the University.

To submit a nomination, please complete the form below with particular attention to these questions:
  • What is distinguished about the candidate’s Yale volunteer service and leadership?
  • In what ways have this nominee’s efforts been outstanding, transforming, or inspiring?
  • In what Yale areas has this candidate’s work made significant impact? For example, regional, Yale College Class, Graduate or Professional School, Alumni Fund or other fundraising, Athletics, or other campus entities.
  • Include anecdotes from your experience with the nominee that speak towards their leadership, resourcefulness, and impact.
  • Consider consulting other alumni or University staff who have interacted with this individual, and incorporate their thoughts and perspectives to strengthen your nomination statement.

Please attach any additional documentation (Word or .pdf files) that you would like to include to accompany the nomination.  Please visit our Yale Medal information page for more details about the award.
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