Mentor Current Students

Yale offers an alumni-student mentoring program through Cross Campus, Yale’s new networking, community-building, and mentoring platform. Cross Campus facilitates relationships among Yalies – whether alumni to student or alumni to recent alumni – and is open to all Yale students and alums.

About Cross Campus

The goal of Cross Campus is to offer all Yale alumni and students fluid and intuitive ways to connect and to give and get career and life wisdom. 

Once you join Cross Campus, you'll be able to:

  • Make yourself available to Yale College and Graduate School and professional school alums and students who ask to connect with you.
  • Connect with other Yale alums who offer their own career and life wisdom.
  • Join or create groups of Yalies (e.g., to start or maintain discussions and post information).

Expectations for Mentors

  • Develop a reciprocal relationship and dialogue lasting for at least six months. 
  • Establish, with your mentee, expectations and roles as well as a goal for the mentorship. 
  • Be proactive: Plan conversations and develop trust with your mentee.

Getting Involved

  • Go to Cross Campus and sign up to become a mentor.
  • Create your profile, and confirm or edit the pre-populated information.
  • Across the entire Yale alumni community, connect with other alumni with whom you share a field, place, or interest.
  • Make yourself available to be a mentor. 

Please be in touch with our strategic initiatives group at the Yale Alumni Association if you have further questions.