Mentor Current Students

Careers, Life, and Yale offers an alumni-student mentoring program intended to encourage and support Yale students; connect them to new insights, ideas, people, and places; and serve as a resource as they navigate academics, aptitudes, and aspirations.


Matching Process

  • A few times a year, Yale students can select from available Yale alumni mentors.   
  • Information about mentors is initially “anonymized” to protect privacy.

Expectations for Mentors

  • Develop a reciprocal relationship and dialogue lasting for at least six months. 
  • Establish, with your mentee, expectations and roles as well as a goal for the mentorship. 
  • Be proactive: Plan conversations and develop trust with your mentee.

Getting Involved

  • Apply online to be considered as a mentor. 
  • Read brief orientation materials and take part in a brief orientation call. 
  • Understand and agree to comply with standards of behaviors.

Please be in touch if you have any further questions. Click here to contact the Yale Alumni Association.