The AYA provides a channel for communication between the alumni and the University, oversees the direction of alumni organizations and programs, provides the means for examination of University policies and maintains the stature of Yale University.


Purposes of the AYA
As set forth in the Constitution, the AYA has four primary purposes, namely, to "maintain the stature of Yale University," to "provide a channel of mutual communication between the alumni and the University," to "oversee the direction of all alumni organizations and programs" and to "provide the means (when appropriate) for the explication and forthright examination of University policies, in order that the University position be explained to the Assembly and appropriate recommendations advanced to the Corporation."


Alumni Affiliations
All Yale men and women, who have completed at least one semester in a degree program at Yale, are automatically members of the AYA and may be actively affiliated with the AYA through at least two of its three building block constituencies: classes, clubs, and graduate and professional school associations.

Yale College graduates are affiliated by class. Class reunions are held on campus every five years, typically on the first and second weekends following Commencement in the spring. In addition to these quinquennial reunions, classes also plan dinners, seminars and class days throughout the academic year. Increasingly, mini-reunions are held between quinquennial reunions, both on campus and regionally.

Clubs (also called Yale Associations) are the basis for Yale affiliations in cities and towns throughout the world. Most club events are held away from New Haven and combine social, cultural, educational and community service activities. All alumni, whether Yale College or graduate and professional school graduates, are encouraged to become involved with their local Yale Club. There are approximately 170 Yale clubs worldwide.

Graduate and professional school associations are organized by and for alumni from the Graduate School and the professional schools of Architecture, Art, Divinity, Drama, Forestry and Environmental Studies, Law, Management, Medicine, Music, Nursing, the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. The AYA has the direct responsibility for management of alumni relations and events for the Graduate School, and maintains a liason with the alumni relations staff of the several Professional Schools.