For the sixth year in a row, 1stGenYale is proud to participate in the First-year Scholars at Yale (FSY) program – virtually this summer. FSY is designed especially for incoming Yale College students from low-income, under-resourced backgrounds, and among the first in their families to attend college.

Even before these 92 invited students start their fall semester, FSY prepares them for their transition to become Yale students. They live on campus, learn about campus life, sharpen their academic skills, and learn about Yale's resources, including alumni like you!

Join us and share your own "Alumni Perspectives: Navigating Yale & Beyond":

  • Looking back, what was your experience like at Yale? How did you create your own path?
  • What courses, extracurriculars/leadership opportunities, and experiences were most impactful to you?
  • How did you blend your cultural and family heritage to find your own voice while being a Yalie?
  • Can you describe your career journey: a straight path, meandering river, or more like a jungle gym?
  • How do students take advantage of Yale – seek advice, reach out to counselors, meet with faculty, find research & travel opportunities, and network with alumni?
  • What one piece of advice would you like to share?

We want the students to get to know and be able to contact you after this initial event. We have found that alumni who participate in our FSY summer alumni program continue to build relationships with these students throughout their four years.

Two Steps to Participate:

  1. Register by July 14.
  2. Submit your brief biography for the students  no later than July 16.

The event is on Saturday, July 24, from 3 to 5 p.m. ET via Zoom. It will include an overall discussion with the alumni panel and fellow alumni, followed by breakout rooms for smaller group conversations. Thank you for joining us in welcoming our incoming students to Yale. See you soon!

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