Feb Club Emeritus 2021

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Feb Club 2021

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This year, Feb Club goes virtual! Find an event happening this month and join the fun. Meet amazing, diverse, vibrant, curious, and fun alumni from Yale College classes, graduate and professional schools, and all walks of life. 

No agendas, just fun

Every February, Yale alumni from around the world come together in small gatherings and large groups. Why? Because it’s fun to get together — that’s it.

There is no agenda, no plan, no speeches. Feb Club is simply a way for Yalies the world over to get together, since the first worldwide Feb Club in 2008. 

Visit the Feb Club Emeritus website for more information.

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Feb Club Memories
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Feb Club Through the Years

Whether gathering in cities and towns across the U.S. or getting together around the world, Feb Club is a time to have fun and celebrate. This year, we're celebrating online with a look at Feb Club through the years. Share your favorite memories with fellow Yalies by adding your photos to the gallery now.

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2021 Feb Club Giveaway

Did you share your Feb Club photos? Don't forget to enter the giveaway, too. We're keeping the spirit of Feb Club alive with prizes and more — enter today!

Zoom Meeting

Hosting a Virtual Gathering?

Whether by Zoom, Google Meets, or something else entirely, let others know you're getting together for the Feb Club tradition. Share your event with fellow alumni by submitting it to the YAA calendar today.

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