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  • Tuesday 3/5/24

    • Mar 5
      2:30PM – 3:45PM
      Online/On Campus
      Add to Calendar 2024-03-05T14:30:00 2024-03-05T15:45:00 America/New_York PRFDHR Seminar | Far from the Rooftop of the World: Travels among Tibetan Refugees on Four Continents, Amy Yee This talk by Amy Yee will discuss her recent book ‘Far from the Rooftop of the World: Travels among Tibetan Refugees on Four Continents’, a nonfiction narrative and travelogue set in India - as well as Australia, Belgium and New York, where Tibetans emigrated overseas. It gives new insight into relationships between Tibetan and Chinese people, especially since Yee is herself Chinese American. Amy Yee is an award-winning journalist, most recently with Bloomberg/CityLab and previously a Financial Times correspondent in India where she lived for seven years. false
  • Wednesday 3/6/24

    • Mar 6
      12:00PM – 1:30PM
      Add to Calendar 2024-03-06T12:00:00 2024-03-06T13:30:00 America/New_York Teaching Holy Troublemaking: Resources for Progressive Christian Formation with Daneen Akers and Wendy Claire Barrie These are holy troublemaking times, and our youth want to grapple with life’s big questions. Catching courage and hope from the stories we tell of beloved saints—both conventional and unconventional—who have faced challenges and managed to stay rooted in joy, justice, and the beloved community is enormously helpful. Stories are how we and the young people in our lives imagine how things could be, and discover what it takes to make positive change. Join author Daneen Akers and Christian educator Wendy Claire Barrie as they talk about progressive faith formation especially through the lens of the middle-grades anthology Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional Saints and its companion curriculum. Hear ideas for how the stories of people like Bayard Rustin, Wangari Maathai, Thich Nhat Hahn, Mr. Rogers, Valarie Kaur, Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, Rev. Gafney, Rumi, and more can connect with adolescents. There will be time for break-out sessions and sample curriculum. Bring your questions! false
  • Thursday 3/7/24

    • Mar 7, 2024
      Starts at 6:00AM
      Add to Calendar 2024-03-07T06:00:00 2024-03-07T06:00:00 America/New_York Yale-NUS Lecture on Global Affairs: Saving Liberalism from Crisis Recent years have seen attacks on liberalism for failing, but defenders deny that liberalism ever lost its way. In this lecture, Professor Samuel Moyn from Yale University will reprise some of the themes of his recent book Liberalism against Itself: Cold War Intellectuals and the Making of Our Times, arguing that the best parts of liberalism have to be rescued from the mistakes of liberals in the last few decades. As the 2024 United States presidential election raises questions about the health and quality of its democracy, whether and how liberalism can and should survive is one of the most pivotal questions of our time. false
  • Thursday 3/14/24

    • Mar 14
      12:00PM – 1:00PM
      Add to Calendar 2024-03-14T12:00:00 2024-03-14T13:00:00 America/New_York Careers, Life, and Yale | Graduate Networking: Meet Fellow Yalies, Share Insights, and Expand Your Network

      You're invited to join our first Yale Graduate event on Career Transition. You will have the opportunity to meet fellow Yale Graduates, share insights, and expand your network.

      Graduate Networking: Meet fellow Yalies, Share Insights, and Expand your Network
    • Mar 14
      8:00PM – 9:00PM
      Add to Calendar 2024-03-14T20:00:00 2024-03-14T21:00:00 America/New_York AAAYA Presents: Understanding Affirmative Action & SCOTUS Ruling with Professor Janelle Wong ’01 PhD

      Professor Janelle Wong (PhD, 2001) will join AAAYA to share her research on Asian American public opinion on affirmative action and her experiences as a supporter of race-conscious policies. She will also discuss research on how the debate over race-conscious admissions reveals an evolving position for Asian Americans in the broader racial landscape. Affirmative action and the role of race in admissions continues to be a contested topic within the Asian American community, and AAAYA is excited to host Janelle Wong to add academic nuance and evidence to the conversation.

  • Saturday 3/16/24

    • Mar 16
      10:00AM – 11:00AM
      Add to Calendar 2024-03-16T10:00:00 2024-03-16T11:00:00 America/New_York YIA Film Society Presents ‘The Assassin’ Join movie enthusiasts from our global alumni community to discuss and exchange views on films from around the world. And share your favorite film from your own country to view for discussion at a future meeting. false
  • Sunday 3/17/24