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The YAA Assembly, mandated by the YAA Constitution, is the preeminent leadership information and development program for alumni leaders affiliated with the alumni association. It is also the body of alumni association delegates, as outlined by the YAA Constitution, who serve as representatives of the alumni community.

If your questions are not answered below, you may contact Assembly staff for further assistance.

About Assembly

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The Assembly is an annual event. In its current iteration, it is combined with the Yale Alumni Convocation for annual fund volunteers, into a single program held on the weekend of the final home football game in the fall.

Assembly/Convocation is a two-day event. Program session topics include a theme related to Yale today and leadership development, and session formats vary from plenaries to small-group breakouts and hands-on workshops. 

The Yale Medal Dinner is included as part of Assembly and Convocation registration for all invitees.

Also separate from Assembly and Convocation, but open to all, is the Alumni Village hospitality tent hosted by YAA at the Yale Bowl on Saturday preceding the football game. 

Assembly Participants

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Assembly and Convocation is a by-invitation only two-day workshop for specifically designated alumni volunteer leaders. Those invited include:

  • YAA Delegates appointed by their constituencies (regional clubs, Yale College Classes, Graduate School & professional schools, and recognized shared interest groups), as well as at-large delegates selected by the YAA to represent alumni outside these constituencies.
  • Ex-Officio Delegates, current leaders of recognized alumni bodies as specified in the YAA Constitution: presidents of regional Yale clubs, secretaries of Yale College classes, chairs/presidents of graduate and professional school alumni associations, and the chairs/presidents of interest groups who have been recognized by the YAA Board.
  • YAA Board of Governors, both current and former members.
  • Yale Alumni Fund executive committee, board members, chairs of agents, and agents.
  • Other volunteers who are typically invited include class treasurers, leaders of interest groups not yet recognized by the board, and board members of service initiatives such as the Yale Day of Service and Alumni Service Corps.

A YAA delegate is an alumna or alumnus of Yale who is selected to represent a regional Yale club, Yale College class, shared interest or identity group, or a Graduate or professional school alumni association constituency. 

There are also at-large delegates who represent alumni outside those constituencies.

Constituencies have varying numbers of delegates as provided by YAA Constitution. Delegates serve a three-year term that typically begins on July 1 and ends June 30 three years later. 

As a representative alumni group, the Assembly is optimally a diverse group of individuals in terms of age, gender, race, occupation, and geographic location.

At-large delegates are appointed by the YAA Board of Governors to represent alumni in general, to complement the delegates representing regional clubs, Yale College Classes, the Graduate and professional schools, and recognized shared interest groups.

At-Large Delegates are ideally alumni who offer additional perspectives to the Assembly. For that reason, the Board seeks to appoint at-large delegates who are volunteer leaders in alumni organizations that do not have official Assembly representation.

At-large delegates are encouraged to share their own report of the Assembly to the alumni groups with whom they work.

To submit an application for consideration as an at-large delegate, please use this form.


The primary delegate responsibility is to represent their constituency at the Assembly and Convocation event in the fall. Delegates are charged with bringing thoughts, concerns and questions and actively participating in sessions.

Delegates are expected to communicate back to other alumni what they have learned, both about the university in general and in terms of specific ideas and strategies that can help in their work with alumni groups.

Alumni who completed one or more degrees from Yale College or the Graduate and professional schools are eligible.

Once an alumna or alumnus has served a full three-year term as a delegate of any type, he or she is not eligible to be appointed as a delegate until three more years have passed. If a delegate is filling out a term or for some other reason has not served a full three-year term, he or she is eligible for re-nomination to a consecutive term.

Fees and Tax Deductibility

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Delegates are responsible for getting themselves to New Haven and for the cost of their hotel accommodations. Meals are provided as part of the Assembly. There is no charge for attending the Assembly, though the YAA does ask for a voluntary contribution from those delegates who are able to assist in offsetting some of the costs of the Assembly. The YAA does have a small budget available to assist those for whom the expenses of attending the Assembly would be a barrier to their involvement. The policy allows delegates to submit receipts and we can cover 50% of travel and accommodation expenses, up to $300. Contributions and un-reimbursed travel expenses may qualify for a federal tax deduction.

YAA does have a small budget available to assist those for whom the expenses of attending would be a barrier to their involvement. The policy allows delegates to submit receipts for hotel and travel expenses. Contact us for more information.

Though all Assembly/Convocation events are free of charge for invited participants, the cost of hosting the program is significant. YAA and the Yale Alumni Fund welcomes voluntary contributions at any level, and all such gifts will help us defray the cost of producing the Assembly & Convocation program.

You may be able to treat voluntary contributions to the AYA and any travel expenses you incur in conjunction with your volunteer position as tax-deductible charitable gifts. Contact your tax advisor for further information. YAA provides a form to submit your receipts to Yale to receive a statement for tax purposes.

Note that only those expenses incurred by recognized volunteers invited to the Assembly & Convocation may be considered for tax-deductible charitable gift accounting. Expenses incurred for bringing guests do not qualify.

Assembly and Convocation Logistics

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Attendance at Assembly/Convocation is by official invitation only. (See the "Assembly Participants" topic for more details.) Those being officially invited receive an e-mail with a personalized link to register online approximately 6-8 weeks before each year's event.

Important: If you serve in a volunteer role that is included in Assembly/Convocation, please ensure Yale has your latest contact information. Verify your contact details through the online alumni directory.

You are welcome to bring guests to the Assembly/Convocation, for a per guest fee ($250/guest in 2019).

Please make your registration selections carefully to indicate the events that you and/or your guest plan to attend so that we can reserve space in the sessions and at meals.

YAA arranges for room blocks with special rates at several downtown hotels for each year's Assembly/Convocation. Watch for a save-the-date with hotel details in late summer.

Room blocks are generally released about 30 days prior to Assembly/Convocation. After this date, you will need to book directly with the hotels, subject to availability.

Hotel parking is recommended for those staying at any of the downtown hotels.

Public lots and garages are available throughout New Haven. Please pay particular attention to the operating hours, as these facilities are usually not open 24 hours a day.

New Haven street parking is subject to meters, ticketing and towing, and Yale lots have either limited or no access. 

There’s no particular dress code for the Assembly/Convocation. You will see everything from suits to jeans, although the most common attire is probably business casual. For the Yale Medal Dinner, men typically wear coats and ties, with equivalent formality for women.