The Office of Career Strategy is proud to offer close Yale partners a way to further engage with Yale students by posting a summer or post-graduate opportunity as a Preferred Yale Partner through an easy, secure one-stop job posting form.

These positions are highly profiled in the Yale employer database and through our newsletters. Preferred Yale Partners include alumni, Yale parents, and other Yale-affiliated employers.

If you need any assistance or would like to learn more about engaging with the Office of Career Strategy, please contact Julia Bourque, Senior Associate Director, Office of Career Strategy.

Alumni Testimonials

“For the past five years, I have been privileged to host Yale interns in Brussels. They are gems - independent, hardworking, creative, and, of course, smart. Give them BIG tasks such as reporting and researching this Holocaust Remembrance Report and they step up to the challenge.”
Bill Echikson '81, E+Europe, Brussels, Belgium

“Pamir Law Group has hosted between 3 to 5 Yale summer interns for each of the prior 7 years. The interns have worked with colleagues in Shanghai and Taipei on a variety of client and firm projects. Each intern brings a unique set of characteristics, talents, virtues, skills and personalities. Our colleagues love working with them because of their enthusiasm, energy, brilliance and drive. It is rejuvenating to work closely with so many hopeful and committed interns and to be part of their journey to make the world a better place.”
Nick Chen, Pamir Law '79, Shanghai, China/Taipei, Taiwan

“I have had the pleasure of working with Yale interns over a number of years. They have been eager to learn, putting in the hours needed to gain the context needed to deliver something of real value. Their intelligence and integrity have been beyond reproach. At the same time, it has felt good to give these young people a chance to gain some real work experience in what is often a completely new context for them.”
Saul Kornik, Africa Health Placements, Johannesburg, South Africa (Greenberg World Fellow 2013)

Student Testimonials

“Working at Pan American Energy was a great opportunity to work in another country and experience the professional world from a different perspective. I worked on finding indicators for environmental programs for the company and collaborated with the social responsibility team. They were really helpful and my supervisor made sure I could access all the resources I needed to complete my project. I also learned a lot about the energy sector especially in Argentina where the energy mix is mostly fossil fuels. The company also treated its interns really well and made sure we had all accommodations we needed. I also got to practice my Spanish a lot, which was one of my goals going in.”
Christelle Umubyeyi '20, Environmental Engineering

"Working as a research intern at the Education Policy Institute this past summer was a really wonderful learning experience and a great way to spend time abroad. In addition to helping out with a literature review, the launch event for the UK TALIS survey, and other research projects such as EPI's annual report, I was able to design and execute my own research project on the state of educator wellbeing in England. The office was extremely welcoming, accommodating and motivating - as someone who came in with little background knowledge of England's educational landscape, I couldn't have asked for a better work environment! Through this internship I was able to refine my research and writing skills while learning about educational issues in a new and different context."
Odette Wang '20, Sociology

"Louisville was a wonderful place to spend the summer. I learned so much through my internship in the Metro Government’s Office of Performance Improvement, and I am so grateful that I was able to work with such amazing mentors and coworkers in my office. The Bulldogs program was a great summer experience, and I’ve made lifelong friends from the summer."
Samara Angel '21, History

"This summer, I interned for Children's Medical Foundation (CMF), a Hong Kong based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving newborn healthcare in rural China. From planning a golf day to visiting NICUs in China to managing a fellowship for high school students, my internship with CMF taught me the in and outs of nonprofit management in the public health field. I loved the constant excitement of my internship and the countless opportunities to learn essential skills. However, the best part of my internship was the connections I was able to make with the city, the staff, my fellow interns, and the students in the fellowship program."
Jessica Ainooson '20, History of Science, Medicine & PH, 2020

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