Mario Moore '13 MFA lives and works in Detroit. He received a BFA in Illustration from the College for Creative Studies (2009) and an MFA in Painting from the Yale School of Art (2013). He has been awarded the prestigious Princeton Hodder Fellowship at Princeton University and has participated as an artist-in-residence at Knox College, Fountainhead residency, and the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation. Last year, he joined the Yale Alumni Association for a conversation on his creative journey and the impact of representation in artwork.

In this Q&A, he explains what brought him to campus, why he wouldn't change anything about his Yale experience, and notes the best place to think in New Haven.

Why Yale?
Yale seemed like something in outer space as a place that I could attend until I found out that my mentor went to Yale for his MFA. That opened up the doors of possibilities and I wanted to get my MFA.

What is your most enduring memory of your time at Yale? 
There are many, but it would have to be the trip our class took to the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation.

If you could relive your time at Yale, what would you do differently?
I'm not sure if there is anything I would do differently. I believe our experiences shape our future, so I enjoy the journey I took at Yale even though it was pretty rough at times.

What would you do exactly the same? 
Grab coffee or tea every morning before heading to the art studios.

What is your favorite place in New Haven, past or present? 
That would have to be East Rock. An amazing place to think.

What is your favorite spot on campus?
That's a hard one. Probably the Yale British Art Museum. But also I really like Book Trader Cafe.

What's your favorite pizza place in New Haven?
That's the debate of all debates. It is between Frank Pepes and Modern. I can't choose!

How did your time at Yale shape the person you are today?

Grad School for art students can be really challenging. As a student of color it was challenging in how my work would be perceived during critiques. But it helped me to take what was needed to improve my work and leave behind comments that had no connection to what I was doing as an artist. It showed me [how] to focus and also broadened my ideas as an individual.

Who is another Yalie who inspires you? Why?
At this time it would have to be Dr. Imani Perry. She is an incredible writer and is so dedicated to her work. She inspires me in all that she does.

What have you gained from your alumni engagement with Yale?
Meeting new people and staying connected with friends.

What is your hope for the future of the Yale alumni community?
I hope that there will be more alumni connections to be made that are not just in New York or L.A.

What advice would you give to current students? 
Make sure you get the full experience of Yale. Pursue subjects and classes that might seem out of your field. Take advantage of the resources available to you as a Yale student.


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