Weili Cheng '77
Weili Cheng '77

The start of a new semester is always an exciting time, and I’m always a little jealous of all the students will get to learn, the new encounters, opportunities, and experiences. Then, of course, I remember all the opportunities that Yale offers me – not only as a staff member but also as an alum. And I want to make sure you get to experience those as well.

You may be missing out on all sorts of opportunities with the YAA if we don’t have your current, updated contact information. The YAA works with faculty and alumni groups to plan intellectually stimulating and fun opportunities for you – and we want to make sure you have the chance to participate.

Are you hearing about events?

Are you receiving information about events through your Yale club/association, with your Yale College classmates, your graduate and professional school alumni peers, and those with whom you share interests and identities?

Do you participate in events?

The hundreds of events in the past year reflect the wide variety of your interests. The lectures, talks, and podcasts are online, just a click away! Examples include:

More events have been recorded and are coming soon. And we announce a full slate of alumni events via email every Monday.

Are you connecting with alumni and students?

Cross Campus now has more than 15,000 alumni, students, and friends, eager to explore careers and to get and give advice.

Are you receiving news about Yale?

Yale Today launched a year ago, with daily news items, and YAA News, the official e-newsletter from the YAA for Yale alumni, comes out monthly. Moreover, the YAA is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and soon, TikTok! Your deans reach out to you. And of course, you receive the Yale Alumni Magazine, right? 

Does Yale have your current contact information?

It is easy to update your information. Email this information to Alumni Records:

  1. Name
  2. Graduation year
  3. College or school
  4. Preferred mailing address (indicate if home or business)
  5. Preferred email
  6. Preferred phone number

Yale alumni are a tremendously interesting and engaging group, with a zeal for debate and a desire for lifelong learning. I know I learn from every interaction I have with alumni. You can too. Stay in touch!

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P.S.: What were your favorite places to study during the winter at Yale? Let me know! I tried the L&B room in Sterling and found that the leather chairs were sleep-inducing. I occasionally studied in the Law School library, the isolated stacks in Sterling, and the closed-door carrels in Cross Campus Library (now Bass Library). Ultimately, I found my study “home” on the top floor (now dorm rooms) of Pierson’s library. Few others studied there. It was cozy.