In response to recent inquiries, we at the YAA wanted to remind everyone of – and hopefully clarify – our policies governing privacy and terms of use as it relates to the Yale online alumni community:

  • Yale does not share your personal or contact information with third parties or vendors – with the exception of those contracted by Yale to supply services to alumni, such as the vendor that operates the Yale alumni directory.
  • All alumni may access the alumni directory to contact other alumni on an individual basis on any topic – provided it is not related to elected politics, commerce, etc., or to be used for marketing purposes. See the YAA terms of use for more details. Please know that we are not aware of any option to export or download your information in bulk, meaning outreach must be individual to individual.
  • You can determine what elements of your alumni directory profile are visible to other directory users. In that way, you have line-by-line control over what can be accessed by others. Log in to your profile to update your settings. 

For a more comprehensive accounting of our privacy policy, please visit the Yale Online Alumni Community and Yale Mail Privacy Policy page.

And for more on privacy and terms of use within the university, please see Yale University Privacy Policy and the Alumni Affairs and Development Personal Information Disclosure.