Yale Alumni College, entering its 10th academic year, delivers courses taught by Yale faculty and alumni to local cities across the U.S., including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New Haven, New York, Princeton, and Washington, D.C.

For its 2020 summer session, Yale Alumni College is going global – and virtual.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Yale Alumni College is offering its summer program of academic seminars exclusively online, featuring a slate of distinguished professors and small, interactive seminars now available to all Yale alumni, family, and friends.

The transition to online classes began in the spring semester. Courses that were originally envisioned as a continuation of the in-person, class-based experience moved online in March, with the program making the quick conversion to virtual learning in response to local and federal social distancing policies. Doing so expanded the reach of Yale Alumni College, creating new opportunities for alumni to study with fellow Yalies from the comfort and safety of their homes.

"Poetry for a Time of Pandemic" is one of the featured classes in the Yale Alumni College summer session.
"Poetry for a Time of Pandemic" is one of the featured classes in the Yale Alumni College summer session.

“COVID-19 has changed how we think about teaching and learning, not just for Yale Alumni College but across Yale,” said Weili Cheng ’77, executive director of the Yale Alumni Association, which administers Yale Alumni College. “Moreover, we have seen strong interest in, and excellent response to, our other online events and virtual learning opportunities. Offering in-depth online courses for alumni seems like a natural extension and will hopefully serve as a welcome chance to learn and grow during these uncertain times.”

The mission of Yale Alumni College is to deliver an educational program open to all Yale alumni, family, and friends. Classes are offered in a seminar setting of about 20 students, allowing scholars to connect with their professors, each other, and Yale in a deep and meaningful way.

Since its inception, Yale Alumni College has served more than 2,000 scholars.

“Yale Alumni College presents the opportunity to return to the classroom, to explore a subject about which you are passionate, and to do so with the wisdom that comes from experience out in the world,” said Marv Berenblum '56, Yale Alumni College founder and chair emeritus.

Added current chair Gary Schlesinger ’73: “Yale Alumni College gives us an opportunity to take that class you always wanted to take and to do so with eminent professors who are thrilled to be teaching such highly motivated students. It’s a gift to realize that the academic riches Yale offers don’t stop at graduation.”

Courses available this summer include: Poetry in the Time of Pandemic, Polarized America, The Meaning of Education, and more. To see the full catalogue of available courses, visit the Yale Alumni College page on the YAA website.