Class of 1963 60th Reunion - Welcome - 1963

May 25 - 28, 2023

sillimanOur FREE, 60th Reunion will be held from Thursday, May 25 to noon on Sunday, May 28.  We hope you all will join us for a festive and fun time.  Our Reunion headquarters is in Davenport College which is conveniently located for easy access and proximity to classrooms and auditoriums where we, and the University, will hold our discussions, panels and events.  We are planning singing, dancing, conversation, panels and discussion groups on topics suggested and led by classmates, three varied and healthy meals a day and all of the beverages you can handle.  All of that is free of charge to you as is lodging for those classmates and their family staying in Davenport.  In addition, that, the University will be hosting lectures, tours and other events for members of all reunion classes.  It is a full schedule but one that will have ample time for reconnecting with old friends, meeting new friends and just relaxing.   

If you haven’t visited the Yale campus in recent years you will find it beautiful, well-maintained and impressive. The area around Commons has been greatly enhanced with the new Schwarzman Center, which is not-to-be missed addition to the University.  And you will see other changes and additions to the campus which we think will make you proud to be a Yalie. 

Wally Grant, Reunion Chairman 

Guy Struve, Class Secretary