YASC Past Trips

Yale Alumni Service Corps is committed to transforming and strengthening the existing communities in the areas we visit. By returning to established service site locations regularly, YASC maintains relationships with community partners and empowers communities to continue to grow independently. Check out our photo courtyard to view more photos from our past trips. 


YASC Ghana 2012
Ghana 2012

Cape Coast, Ghana: Organized in collaboration with AFS Ghana, YASC organized four service trips (2012, 2013, 2014, 2016) in the community of Yamoransa, which is located on the outskirts of Cape Coast. 

Cape Town, South Africa: Organized in collaboration with Amandla Development, a local non-profit that works with local community entities to empower citizens to gain equal access to quality education opportunities, YASC organized two service trips in the community of Philippi, which is located on the outskirts of Cape Town. 


Xiuning, China: In an exciting partnership between Yale-China and YASC in 2011, the 100th anniversary of the Yale-China Teaching Fellowship Program, YASC volunteers had the unique opportunity to volunteer in Xiuning, working with Chinese school children and adults. 

YASC India, 2015
India, 2015

Jodhpur, India: YASC organized two service trips in the community of Kakelao in Jodhpur, India, supported by AFS India, an inclusive educational community of global citizens consisting of students, families, and volunteers determined to build bridges between cultures. 

North America

Fort Mojave, Arizona, California, Nevada: In 2017 YASC organized its first service trip to Native American country at Fort Mojave Indian Tribe, an Indian Reservation located along the Colorado River in the vicinity of Needles, California.

YASC Mexico
Mexico, 2009

Monterrey, Mexico: YASC organized two service trips (2009 and 2010) to Monterrey in the communities of Alianza Real and Unidad Piloto, which are located outside of the city of Monterrey.

West Virginia, California, New York: Organized in collaboration with PeerForward, the purpose of these service trips was to make a difference in these students’ lives by providing writing, college counseling, and mentoring services to a group of local high schools in underserved areas with the goal of increasing enrollment rates at institutions of higher education.


Matanzas, Cuba: YASC organized an Intercultural Program to Cuba in 2017. Volunteers had an opportunity to work on arts and education for students, environmental awareness, construction, photography, and cultural exchange.

YASC DR 2008
Dominican Republic, 2008

La Cucarita, Naranja, Vallejuelo, Dominican Republic: YASC’s first service trip took place in 2008 in the three small communities, which are located on the western part of the island close to the border with Haiti.

San Juan de Maguana, Dominican Republic: YASC organized its second service trip in 2011 to the small satellite community of Las Charcas de Gabarito, which is located outside of the city of San Juan de Maguana.

Batey Libertad, Dominican Republic: Organized in collaboration with Yspaniola, a non-profit established by Yale undergraduates and alumni in 2009 to promote quality education in Batey Libertad, YASC organized a service trip to support this underserved community’s efforts in education.

YASC Puerto Rico 2023
Puerto Rico, 2023

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Working alongside our ground partner INE, YASC organized two service trips to the communities of Residencial Luis Llorens in 2020 and Cantera in 2023 with a goal of improving their educational and public health activities.

Central America

YASC Nicaragua 2013
Nicaragua, 2013

León, Matagalpa, Nicaragua: YASC organized three service trips (2012, 2013, and 2014) to Nicaragua in the communities of El Castillo and El Trohilo, which are located outside the cities of León and Matagalpa.

South America

YASC Brazil, 2016
Brazil, 2016

Serra Grande, Brazil: Organized in collaboration with Instituto Floresta Viva, and State University of Santa Cruz (UESC), YASC organized two service trips (2016 and 2017) in Serra Grande, an underserved community located in the state of Bahia.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: YASC’s inaugural service trip to Brazil took place in 2009 in the community of Rio Claro located about two hours outside the city of Rio de Janeiro.

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