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The YASC spring newsletter includes important information about planned future trips, updates about communities we have recently visited, and information about upcoming events and other programming.

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Sign up to be a Cross Campus G&P mentor! Mentors engage with graduate & professional school students in 1:1 relationships of at least 3 months. You’ve been in their shoes. Now make a difference in their lives.

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All videos for the IMPACT 2 series are live, featuring panel discussions, faculty lectures, conversations, and personal stories that showcase and amplify the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Information Links

Yale Alumni Academy Travel - 2021-22
  • Learn Through Travel

Yale Alumni Academy 2021-22 Travel Programs

Yale Educational Travel is now part of Yale Alumni Academy, offering broader and more dynamic opportunities to travel and learn with Yale in 2021 and beyond. Explore the 2021-22 travel opportunities.