President Peter Salovey, Sheryl Carter Negash '82, and Nancy Stratford ’77
Sheryl Carter Negash '82 receives the 2018 Yale Medal

About the Yale Medal

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The Yale Medal is given for outstanding service to Yale, in recognition of extensive, exemplary voluntary service on behalf of Yale as a whole or one of its many schools, institutes or programs. The award is not intended as recognition for career accomplishments or service to society and may be given to alumni or friends of the university.  When or if the committee considers current or past members of the University administration, faculty, or staff, the individual must also have an outstanding record of volunteer service before or after their periods of employment.  Recipients must be able to receive the Medal in person at during the AYA Assembly. 

All alumni are invited to submit nominations. The nomination form to submit is included here: Yale Medal Nomination. Someone not selected in one year may be eligible to apply in the future.

  • Nominations: Winter
  • Submission Deadline: March 
  • Selection Process: April Alumni Association Board Meeting 
  • Award Presentation: November at Alumni Association Assembly 

The Association of Yale Alumni awards the Yale Medal. The committee is selected by the Chair of the AYA Board of Governors and consists of not fewer than six AYA Board members, in addition to several ex-officio members. Other ex officio members are the Executive Director of the AYA, the Provost, the Secretary, the Vice President for Development, the Assistant to the President of the University, one member of the Corporation and three members of the faculty. The committee may select up to five persons a year to receive the Yale Medal. 

2019 Yale Medal recipients Scott R. Williamson ’80, Nancy Marx Better ’84, John Walsh ’61, Caroline Hsiao Van ’79, and William H. Donaldson ’53.

2019 Yale Medal Recipients

The recipients of the 2019 Yale Medal are Nancy Marx Better ’84, William H. Donaldson ’53, Caroline Hsiao Van ’79, John Walsh ’61, and Scott R. Williamson ’80. They will be officially honored at the YAA Assembly and Alumni Fund Convocation in November.

Left to right: Lise Pfeiffer Chapman ’81 M.B.A., Gregory J. Hall ’77, Bo Hopkins ’86 M.B.A., Margaret Hilary Marshall ’76 J.D., ’12 LL.D.H, and Sheryl Carter Negash ’82.

2018: Lise Pfeiffer Chapman, Gregory J. Hall, Bo Hopkins, Margaret Hilary Marshall, and Sheryl Carter Negash

The 2018 Yale Medal recipients were Lise Pfeiffer Chapman ’81 M.B.A., Gregory J. Hall ’77, Bo Hopkins ’86 M.B.A., Margaret Hilary Marshall ’76 J.D., ’12 LL.D.H, and Sheryl Carter Negash ’82. Prior to being honored, the five talked about what it was like to find out they had been chosen for this year’s award, the lessons they’ve learned as volunteers, and their advice for those who might follow in their footsteps. Read more.

2017 Yale Medal recipients

2017: Anne Boucher, Kenneth D. Inadomi, Charles B. Johnson, Randolph M. Nelson, and L‎inus Travers

Five individuals who have shown outstanding service to the university will receive the highest award presented by the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA): the Yale Medal. This year’s recipients are Anne Boucher '80; Kenneth D. Inadomi '76; Charles B. Johnson '54; Randolph M. Nelson '85; and L‎inus Travers '58, '59 M.A.T. Read more.

2016: Roland W. Betts, Thomas B. Ketchum, Susan E. Lennon, James C. Lu, and Indra K. Nooyi

Five individuals have been selected by the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA) to receive the Yale Medal in 2016. This year’s recipients are Roland W. Betts ’68, Thomas B. Ketchum ’72, Susan E. Lennon ‘85 M.P.P.M., James C. Lu ’77 and Indra K. Nooyi ’80 M.P.P.M. Read more.

2015 recipients of the Yale Medal

2015: R. Kemerer Edwards, Melanie A. Ginter, Steve Scher, Theodore Shen, and Barbara Wagner

Five individuals have been selected by the Association of Yale Alumni to receive the 2015 Yale Medal in November. This year’s recipients are R. Kemerer (Kem) Edwards ’49, Melanie A. Ginter ’78, ‘81 M.S., Steve Scher ’56, ’66 Ph.D., Theodore (Ted) Shen ’66, and Barbara Wagner ’73.

2014 recipients of the Yale Medal

2014: Sherry Agar, Edward P. Bass, Marv Berenblum, Michael Madison, and John M.R. Thomas

Five individuals were honored by Association of Yale Alumni (AYA) and presented with the Yale Medal by President Peter Salovey ’86 Ph.D. and AYA chair Lise Chapman ’81 M.B.A. at a dinner in Yale Common on Nov. 14. This year’s recipients are Sherry Agar ’82, Edward P. Bass ’67, ’68 B.S., ’72 Arch., Marv Berenblum ’56, Michael Madison ’83, and John M.R. Thomas ’80.