AYA Board of Governors Excellence Awards

* Deadline extended! Nominations are due on Wednesday, September 12 by 5 pm eastern time.*

Since the implementation of the AYA Strategic Plan in 2007, classes, clubs, SIGs, and G&P schools have been increasing alumni engagement by reinvigorating traditional programs and creating new ones. The AYA aims to recognize the accomplishments of alumni organizations through the AYA Board of Governors Excellence Awards. These awards complement those for individual volunteers, such as the Yale Medal and the AYA Leadership Awards.

Our AYA volunteers are more and more concerned with the impact of their gifts of time, talent and treasure. They bring to their alumni organizations their career experience and knowledge with a view that volunteering should be market-conscious and knowledge-based, with outcomes that can be measured. The AYA Board of Governors Excellence Awards provide one measurable outcome by recognizing excellence in the results of their volunteer efforts.

The AYA Board of Governors Excellence Awards recognize the superior accomplishments of Yale’s classes, regional clubs and associations, shared identity and interest groups, and the graduate and professional school alumni associations. Awards recognize events, programs, and best practices in alumni relations efforts that exhibit excellence in results and the commensurate benefits for Yale and on behalf of Yale. Such accomplishments should raise standards and contribute to the growing effectiveness of alumni relations programs at Yale.

For questions or additional information, contact Alisa Masterson at the AYA.


  • Association of Yale Alumni in Medicine (AYAM)
  • Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance (YANA)
  • Yale Association of Rhode Island
  • Yale Black Alumni Association
  • Yale Black Alumni Association Los Angeles Chapter
  • Yale Chicago
  • Yale Club of Beijing
  • Yale Club of Central Florida
  • Yale Club of Chicago, Yale Divinity School
  • Yale Club of London
  • Yale Club of Oregon and Southwest Washington
  • Yale Club of Washington, DC
  • Yale College Class of 1952
  • Yale College Class of 1993
  • Yale College Class of 2002 (15th Reunion)
  • Yale GALA, Yale School of Public Health, AYA Major Cities
  • Yale Glee Club Associates
  • Yale School of Management Alumni Association Boston and Connecticut Chapters
  • Yale School of Nursing Alumni Association
  • Yale Science and Engineering Association (YSEA)
  • YaleWomen