Timeline, Tips and Rules


  • August 2018 – Nominations open
  • Wednesday, September 5 -  5:00 pm Eastern Time - Nominations Due
  • Mid-October – Winners contacted
  • November 8, 2018 – Awards presentation at AYA Assembly in New Haven



  • Supports the mission of the alumni association, organization, or school.
  • Supports the mission of Yale and the AYA.
  • Meets goals and objectives of organization’s strategic plan (if one exists).
  • Evidence of sound planning and implementation.
  • Consultative and broad-based engagement of organization’s leaders (not a one person show…).
  • Creativity and innovation.
  • Communications effective and well targeted.
  • Is role model for other Yale alumni organizations.
  • Wise management of available resources
  • Meets the needs and expectations of target audiences – did it meet demand?
  • Enhances the reputation of Yale.
  • Complements Yale’s institutional goals and initiatives



  • Nominations for awards can be made by any Yale alumni, including the leaders of the relevant alumni group, or any other alumni who are familiar with its activities. If you would like to nominate a group and are not also the president or chair of the given organization, please gain the president’s assent before submitting the nomination
  • Applications must be submitted in a timely fashion in accordance with accepted deadlines.
  • The award selection committee prioritizes applications where a significant part of the nominated activities take place between July 2017 and June 2018
  • The award selection committee will only consider one nomination per alumni group per category or event.
  • The only 2 Award Categories for which you may provide supplementary material (up to 4 images or pages) beyond the online nomination form text, if there is a visual element that is central to the nomination-- "Best Marketing, Branding and Communications Effort" and "Most Creative Use of Technology and Social Networking Media." Please do not send supplementary text for any nominations-- it will not be part of the evaluation.
  • Awards need not be given every year
  • No organization can win the same award more than two years in a row, and must retire from that category for at least one year before submitting again
  • Award submissions must be made to Chair of AYA Volunteer Leadership Committee via the online nomination form
  • Awards are made at the discretion of the AYA Volunteer Leadership Committee
  • Winning organizations must have representative(s) at the AYA Assembly to receive the award



  • Please type directly into the form or copy/paste from a basic text editor (e.g., notepad). Copying from Word or other programs tends to insert extraneous characters when pasting into the online form.
  • Allocate enough time to complete the form in one sitting. The form's questions are noted below, which may help your thought process and planning.
  • The answer areas have character limits (including spaces and punctuation)-- the first question is 3,000 characters and the remaining questions are 2,000 characters.



  • Describe how the program or event that your group organized demonstrated excellence? (This is the only one with 3,000 character limit. The others are 2,000.)
  • How did this program or event support the mission of (a) your group or school and (b) the AYA and Yale?
  • How does this program serve as a role model for other Yale alumni groups?
  • What was the benefit of this program or event to participants and, if applicable, to the Yale community or the community at large?
  • Describe any aspects of this program or effort that were particularly creative or innovative.