Yale Medal Nomination

The Association of Yale Alumni is charged with soliciting nominations for potential candidates to receive the Yale Medal, which is the highest honor awarded by the AYA to honor outstanding, transforming and inspiring individual service to the University.

Many different paths can be taken in this regard-- anyone whose volunteer service merits exceptional recognition is eligible. Please review the frequently asked questions and keep in mind Yale's diverse population of alumni and friends as you consider candidates for nomination.

As you construct your nomination in the form below, please note that the committee will be especially interested in understanding these elements of the volunteer’s service to, for, and on behalf of Yale:

  • What is distinguished about the candidate’s Yale volunteer service and leadership?
  • Why should this nominee be held up as an exemplary model for other Yale volunteers?
  • In what ways have this nominee’s efforts been outstanding, transforming, or inspiring?
  • In what Yale areas has this candidate’s work made significant impact? For example, regional, class, professional school, Alumni Fund or other fundraising, Athletics, various museums or campus entities, etc.
  • Include anecdotes from your experience working/collaborating with the nominee that speak towards his/her leadership, resourcefulness, and impact.
  • Consider talking to other alumni or University staff who may have interacted with this individual, and incorporate their thoughts and perspectives to help strengthen your nomination statement.

The AYA Board of Governors and the Yale Medal Committee appreciate your thoughtful assistance in identifying potential candidates for this prestigious award.

If you have supporting documentation beyond this nomination form that might help the committee evaluate the candidate, you are welcome to provide it by email or fax (203-432-8144).

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