This spring, alumni and guests unleashed their inner sleuths at Yale College Reunions with the hope they might uncover a "Hidden Handsome Dan." Drawing inspiration from the famous Block Island Glass Float Project, Yalies found themselves embarking on an exhilarating quest across campus in search of the elusive treasures: miniature figures of Yale's beloved mascot, Handsome Dan the bulldog. The challenge was clear: uncover a hidden Bulldog, claim him as your own, and embark on an unforgettable journey of reunion magic!

Gillian Horvath
Gillian Horvath ’88 found a Hidden Handsome Dan at Pierson College. Photo: Laura (Ayres) Brennan ’88 

In a clever game of hide-and-seek, these pint-sized bulldogs skillfully eluded capture, nestled amidst ivy-covered archways, iconic landmarks, and the most picturesque corners of the campus. With excitement aplenty, participants transformed into bona fide detectives, scouring every nook and cranny for these adorable collectibles.

“I was with classmates when I spotted the little Handsome Dan on top of the Pierson College bulletin board thanks to my superior height,” said Gillian Horvath ’88. “My first instinct was to leave him for someone’s kid to find, but then my friends reminded me that Reunions are an excellent time to be youthful and playful — so Dan came along with me — and I am very much enjoying his companionship.”

As participants registered their found bulldogs, they eagerly shared their favorite part of Yale College Reunions thus far:

Hidden Handsome Dan

Christopher Handy ’83

"My favorite part of Reunions has been being reminded that we sometimes make deep and lasting impressions with others without even realizing it at the time."

Hidden Handsome Dan

Rachel Wallace ’03

"I loved showing my children where I went to college!"

Hidden Handsome Dan

Beckett Lee ’18

"It has been great catching up with old friends."

Hidden Handsome Dan

Zoe (Pettway) Unno ’88

"I enjoyed seeing the campus again, going to museums and libraries, seeing the collections, and visiting old favorites that are still here."

Hidden Handsome Dan

Alex Walker ’08

"Touring the LGBTQ Office of Resources was very memorable. A bunch of us ’08 folks were there who knew Andrew Dowe, and we got to see a hand-stitched portrait of him donated in memoriam."

This Hidden Handsome Dan was found by Erin Callahan.
This Hidden Handsome Dan was found by Erin Callahan. 

So, next time you find yourself at Yale College Reunions, sharpen your senses and get ready to ignite your spirit of exploration... who knows what surprises might await you! 


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